The Lizard People are a species of reptilian humanoid creatures that made up one side of the Robot Wars.


The Lizards are tall, scaly, hairless creatures with long claws and large mouths. The few teeth they have are spaced out around in their mouths. They have three fingers on each hand, with one functioning as a thumb, and nails of equal length as the fingers. Most of them have four claws on each bare foot, and their scale color varies between green and orange. Their insides and blood are all blue. While in battle, they all wore a pack on their back with a tube connecting the pack to their nostrils and go barefoot.


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The Lizards' defeat

The Lizards fought the robots in the Robot Wars at the Midland Quasar. They used advanced weaponry, including laser guns and aircrafts. One particular soldier was even fitted with mechanical arms. The battle seemed equal up until Rick Sanchez appeared on the battlefield to retrieve information from a Delivery Drone, while the Lizards fought anything not lizard. A great number of Lizards were killed by Rick Sanchez, resulting in their defeat, and the robots' victory. The news of this defeat was broadcast on the news to other planets.


  • The Lizard People resemble various species of lizards.
  • It's unknown if Crocubot is a member of this species.
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