McGlaargle is the titular character of the comic book McGlaargle found on the Rickstaverse Instagram account. He is a famous crime detective for the Galactic Federation and is extremely strict on following the law.


McGlaargle is a gromflomite dressed in a blue coat with a matching hat and tie. Underneath he wears a white shirt and no pants og shoes. he wears an electronic device on his left arm which he can use as a computer and a thought-sensor. The sleeves on his coat are always rolled up to the elbows.



McGlaargle having some children arrested

In the first issue of McGlaargle, Contrabanned!, he goes undercover within a group of smarkian children who have found a box of box of magazines in their parents' basement. These include: Grunkler, Playgreng, Hot Scruggling, Schpahktas, and other pornographic magazines that are banned by the Galactic Federation. After shooting one of the children and performing a song on federation contraband he arrests the remaining children.

In the second issue, When Bullies Strike! he is approached by a young klaaxzovian boy who gets bullied by a crittendian girl at school. When McGlaargle finds this girl, he scans her and determines that she is perfect to become a Junior Deputy of the Galactic federation. he then leaves the children, allowing the girl to continue her bullying on the klaaxzovian boy.

In the third issue, Minds of Danger!, McGlaargle and other federation police raid an amfiddian household and arresting the couple living there after receiving a tip from their son that his parents had held an unauthorized assembly in their home (a book club). McGlaargle ends up arresting the son as well after informing him that even thoughts can be a crime against the federation, resulting in him unintentionally performing a thought-crime.

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