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Meeseeks Battle is a promotional video released on 1 April 2017. It sees Rick fighting Morty in a battle of Meeseeks. The video uses pixel animation.



Rick and Morty come to arena with Meeseeks box. They face each other in Pokemon-like tournament. They both have 6 Meeseeks. They start with regular Meeseeks - Morty's Meeseeks wins but Rick summons another one ant he killes Morty's meeseeks with broken bottle. Morty then retaliates with second Meeseeks that uses katana. Rick summons his third Meeseeks who rips heart of his opponent. Next Morty's Meeseeks rips spine of Rick's meeseeks but Rick summons golf Meeseeks who kills Morty's meeseeks. Morty summons new Meeseks that uses hand cannon to kill Ricks meeseeks. Rick summons Medusa-Meeseeks who kill Morty's Meeseeks. Another Morty's Meeseeks is a Monster and kills Morty's meeseeks. Rick has one last Meeseks. He summons satanistic Meeseeks who drags Morty's Meeseeks to hell. Morty summons his last Meeseeks. He uses rocket that destroys the arena but Rick's meeseeks is still alive and uses "Singularity." The Meeseeks swallows the other Meeseeks and both Rick and Morty.


  • Promo is inspired by Pokemon
  • Each meeseeks attack is reference to something
    • Predator attack is a reference to Predator franchise.
    • Two strokes is a reference to episode Meeseeks and Destroy.
    • Arm cannon resembles Mega-Man
    • Medusa references Ancient Greek legends.
  • Video is seen from Rick's point of view.