Mega Seeds appear in the pilot episode. They are found inside the fruit of the Mega Trees in Dimension 35-C. Rick claims they have certain properties which make them extremely useful to his research. Rick says he has smuggled them through inter-dimensional customs several times before.[1] The mega seeds reappear in the Season 3 episode, "Tales From the Citadel," on Mega Fruit Farmer Rick's farm. Fat Morty, Lizard Morty, Slick Morty, and Glasses Morty attempt to steal them from Farmer Rick's mega trees but are shooed away.


A Mega Seed used as a computer for Ricks Space Cruiser.


Mega Seeds are large, brown, and teardrop-shaped. Their surface is wrinkled in a fashion similar to walnuts, additionally, they sport small bristles and tiny bumps all over. While Rick doesn't disclose all of the properties of these seeds, it is likely they are considered contraband material, as he needs Morty to hide them in his rectum to try to sneak them through interdimensional customs. Morty reasonably complains that they are "pointy" and they hurt, Rick states that that indicates they are "good ones."

Their only known property is the ability to endow a person with super-intelligence when dissolved in person's anal cavity, a trait which Rick uses to manipulate Beth and Jerry into thinking he is helping Morty tap into his hidden genius. After a short period of time, the super-intelligence wears off and the seed instead causes loss of motor and brain function for several days.

There are different variants of mega seed. These include the Attack Mega Seed, Defense Mega Seed, Speed Mega Seed, and Level Up Mega Seed. These are most likely grown in the Citadel, as they appear to be genetically modified. These Mega Seeds increase the physical capability of an individual.


Season 1

Season 3


  1. "and [the seeds]'ll fall right out of mine; I've done this too many times Morty." -Rick talking about sneaking Mega seeds through customs in pilot episode.


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