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Memory Rick is a memory representation of a younger version of Rick in Birdperson's mind.


His personality is based on Birdperson's memories of him meaning his own memories prior meeting Birdperson are 'generic and bird themed'. His persona varies significantly to his older counterpart being more positive and helpful. He is excited by 'star wars battles', loves the idea of his own Vietnam and disgusted at the state of his future self. He is described by real Rick as a 'hipster douche' and 'insufferable'.

He is similar to his older self in that he is incredibly intelligent. He was able to find a way to continue his existence by transferring to his older self. He also shares his counterparts indulges, enjoying getting high and having fun.


After encountering the real Rick, he accompanies him in his quest to retrieve Birdperson from his subconscious. During a battle with one of his memories of Tammy, he seemingly sacrifices himself to allow Rick and Birdperson to escape his consciousness to the real world.

At the end of the episode, Memory Rick is revealed to have survived and transferred himself over to Rick's memories instead, living inside his child self's closet. However, the real Rick remembers him and travels into his own memories to find him. He is not upset that his younger counterpart opted to find a way to continue his existence and tells him he'll make him real to share a beer. Memory Rick follows, but hesitates to realize that doing so would mean he eventually becomes present Rick.


  • He states that his Beth is dead, further hinting the original Beth of his real counterparts might be dead.
  • Memory Rick behaves similar to Morty, and functions as a sidekick replacement in the episode. He states he would not disdain and give a dollar to some man who is callous like real Rick, who later became angrier and stubborn. One might think, due to this comparison, Morty may follow the same trajectory.
    • However, this behavior could still be a result of projecting on Birdperson's part, as this Rick is based on his real friend's nostalgic memory of his real counterpart. Real 35-year-old Rick could still be very different from Birdperson's portrayal. Rick is shown in the same episode having lied to Birdperson, regarding the existence of his own daughter, thus Memory Rick may not be an entirely accurate recreation.
  • Memory Rick's Portal Gun has the same design as the one young Rick created in the fabricated memory, as seen in "The Rickshank Rickdemption."
  • His vest, hair style and dark circles under the eyes are part of a look most likely based on Australian Singer Nick Cave in the 90s when the artist was 35 and went through a "post-punk" emotional idealistic phase criticized by his fans like Rick does to Memory Rick through out the episode.