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The Merged Universe is an alternate universe introduced in The Vat of Acid Episode. It is the result of Rick Sanchez merging many different realities together.


The Merged Universe is similar to the Replacement dimension, however, it was originally a bunch of separate worlds, in one of which Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith temporarily resided during the episode.

Morty asks for a saving device, and Rick complies, making it for him, and encourages him to have fun with it. Over the course of the next few weeks, Morty fiddled with the device he had, presumably resetting time over and over and over again. However, one one iteration, Morty had a girlfriend, getting coffee, going on dates and even getting on vacation. Yet soon enough, Jerry pressed the button by mistake, causing Morty to repeatedly fail and accidentally save his point.

After a short state of depression, he goes to Rick, who soon reveals that it wasn't even time travel that he was doing. He was just killing various Morties due to his saves and resets. Depressed, Morty asks Rick how he can fix it, to which Rick revealed that he wasn't actually his Rick, and that he can merge the universes and Morty's alternate selves. However, this was not without consequences, as the various things Morty did stacked on top of each other, with law enforcement, dozens of anti-Morty protestors and the like crowding around the Smith Residence, being the stacked result of every thing Morty did with the saving device.

Rick then used this to his advantage, finally forcing Morty down the fake vat of acid, getting everyone to gradually leave. After the lesson was learnt, Rick revealed that he wouldn't waste their reality on a lesson, and that he would miss it because Johnny Carson was still alive and on the air, 9/11 never happened, and rocky road ice cream had peanut butter instead of marshmallows.



  • In this universe, Johnny Carson is still alive and on the air and 9/11 never happened.
  • The Judge who presided over Morty's case is still alive.


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