The Morty Games is a tournament style game challange added to the 1.4 update of Pocket Mortys. The prize for winning each tournament is a trophy which is displayed in the Trophies section of the Badges and Trophies area, and a Morty Token which can be exchanged for an exclusive Morty not found anywhere else in the game. Each game can only be played once, with a 24 hour wait to unlock, unless a Blips and Chitz Coupon is used.


You do not use your own Mortys in the events. A list of Mortys is presented upon entering an event. It costs "Juice" to add a Morty to your Morty Games deck. It is unknown what determines how much juice you get, or what determines the level of the Mortys you can choose from. Some matches also have items such as Serum available to purchase with "Juice." You cannot use your own item in Morty Games.

To give you a better chance of winning, you can "cheat" by going to the Rick or Treat stall on the right side of the Morty Games lobby, and paying Dirty Rick 1,000 Schmeckles. He will then leave a package of extra items that can be picked up from the floor outside the combat ring.

Show Me What You Got

 ! This section requires expansion with: Summary or decription of event.

Completion reward: PM-icon-138 Headism Morty

① Headism Movement Woozlebort

PM-icon-037 Level 10 Peace Morty
PM-icon-019 Level 10 Mustache Morty
PM-icon-002 Level 11 Scruffy Morty

Glorgan Machio

PM-icon-025 Level 10 Blue Shirt Morty
PM-icon-046 Level 11 Double Morty
PM-icon-085 Level 11 Mullet Morty

Tazokrak Jones

PM-icon-056 Level 12 Veiny Morty
PM-icon-108 Level 12 Moon Morty
PM-icon-005 Level 13 Old Morty

② Dance of the Morty Humox 7

PM-icon-009 Level 14 Evil Rabbit Morty
PM-icon-011 Level 15 One Eye Morty
PM-icon-017 Level 16 Karate Morty

Humox 10

PM-icon-047 Level 15 Triple Morty
PM-icon-045 Level 16 Phantom Morty
PM-icon-041 Level 16 Giant Head Morty

Humox 50

PM-icon-044 Level 19 Ghostly Morty
PM-icon-032 Level 19 Exo-Omega Morty
PM-icon-057 Level 20 No Skin Morty

③ Praise the Morty Jerry

PM-icon-071 Level 30 Shadow Morty
PM-icon-100 Level 30 Punk Morty
PM-icon-080 Level 30 Mascot Morty


PM-icon-072 Level 30 Aqua Morty
PM-icon-069 Level 30 Gaseous Morty
PM-icon-076 Level 31 Robot Morty


PM-icon-074 Level 31 Mini Morty
PM-icon-101 Level 30 Big Tongue Morty
PM-icon-078 Level 30 Guard Morty

Interdimensional Morty-thon 14

 ! This section requires expansion with: Summary or decription of event.

Completion reward: PM-icon-139 Turbulent Juice Morty

① Morty in Need Ants In My Eyes Johnson

PM-icon-012 Level 16 Three Eye Morty
PM-icon-022 Level 17 Ad Space Morty

Mr. Sneezy

PM-icon-095 Level 16 Flu Morty
PM-icon-096 Level 17 Mutant Flu Morty

Lil' Bits

PM-icon-123 Level 20 Strawberry Morty
PM-icon-074 Level 18 Mini Morty
PM-icon-102 Level 19 Pizza Morty

② Morty Aid Trunk Person

PM-icon-047 Level 16 Triple Morty
PM-icon-129 Level 17 Reptile Morty

Mrs. Sullivan

PM-icon-051 Level 17 Stray Cat Morty
PM-icon-052 Level 18 Two Cat Morty

Michael Jenkins

PM-icon-100 Level 17 Punk Morty
PM-icon-049 Level 18 Greaser Morty
PM-icon-050 Level 19 Biker Morty

③ Morty Relief The Eyehole Man

PM-icon-010 Level 16 No Eye Morty
PM-icon-047 Level 17 Triple Morty

How Did I Get Here Presenter

PM-icon-136 Level 16 Shell Shocked Morty
PM-icon-060 Level 17 Mystic Morty

Mr. Stealy PM-icon-036 Level 16 Spork Morty

PM-icon-077 Level 17 Hammerhead Morty
PM-icon-028 Level 18 Green Shirt Morty

Octopus Man

PM-icon-130 Level 17 Raptor Morty
PM-icon-127 Level 18 Petrified Morty

Band of Jerrys

 ! This section requires expansion with: Summary or decription of event.

Completion reward: PM-icon-140 Jerry Fan Morty

① Game of Jerrys Handsome Jerry

PM-icon-054 Level 16 Buff Morty
PM-icon-107 Level 17 Super Unicorn Morty
PM-icon-137 Level 16 Renegade Morty

Suit Jerry PM-icon-022 Level 16 Ad Space Morty

PM-icon-068 Level 16 Business Morty
PM-icon-026 Level 17 Red Shirt Morty

Underwear Jerry

PM-icon-003 Level 17 Unkempt Morty
PM-icon-101 Level 17 Big Tongue Morty
PM-icon-035 Level 17 Fork Morty

② This Jerry of Mine Self-Promoting Jerry

PM-icon-023 Level 18 Jerry's Game Morty
PM-icon-021 Level 18 Hipster Morty
PM-icon-038 Level 18 Hippie Morty

No Good Jerry

PM-icon-017 Level 19 Karate Morty
PM-icon-100 Level 19 Punk Morty
PM-icon-086 Level 20 Chops Morty

Super Morty Fan Jerry

PM-icon-115 Level 20 Super Morty Fan Morty
PM-icon-048 Level 20 Multi Morty
PM-icon-042 Level 21 Colossal Head Morty
PM-icon-104 Level 22 Pepperoni Pizza Morty

③ Last Jerry Standing Mascot Jerry PM-icon-080 Level 16 Mascot Morty
Inflatable Jerry PM-icon-077 Level 16 Hammerhead Morty
Paul Fleischman PM-icon-111 Level 16 Morticia
King Jerry

PM-icon-061 Level 16 Wizard Morty
PM-icon-078 Level 16 Guard Morty
PM-icon-045 Level 16 Phantom Morty

Snowball's Morty Pageant

 ! This section requires expansion with: Summary or decription of event.

Completion reward: PM-icon-141 Exoskeleton Morty

① A Dog's Best Morty Rex

Level 20 Two Cat Morty
Level 21 Rabbit Morty
Level 20 Dog Morty


Level 20 Evil Rabbit Morty
Level 21 Werewolf Morty


Level 21 Butterfly Morty
Level 21 Super Unicorn Morty
Level 22 Mortysaurus

② Grooming Morty Rex

Level 20 Unkempt Morty
Level 20 No Eye Morty
Level 21 Flu Morty


Level 21 Mustache Morty
Level 20 V Neck Morty
Level 21 Afro Morty


Level 20 Business Morty
Level 21 Guard Morty
Level 20 Rainbow Shirt Morty

③ Fancy Dress Rex

Level 18 Mystic Morty
Level 18 Cowboy Morty
Level 19 Moon Morty


Level 20 Pocket Mortys Morty
Level 20 Super Morty Fan Morty


Level 19 No Mercy Morty
Level 20 Renegade Morty
Level 20 Wrestler Morty

Mr Needful's Vice & Virtue

 ! This section requires expansion with: Summary or decription of event.

Completion reward: PM-icon-142 Sexy Devil Morty

① Sins of the Grandpa Pride Rick

Level 27 No Mercy Morty
Level 26 Hipster Morty
Level 27 Rainbow Shirt Morty
Level 25 Peace Morty
Level 27 Psychokinetic Morty

Lust Rick

Level 27 Mermaid Morty
Level 26 Business Morty
Level 26 Sun Morty
Level 27 Dog Bite Morty
Level 28 Morticia

② Tormented Ricks Sloth Rick

Level 25 Unkempt Morty
Level 28 Ancient Morty
Level 25 Infected Morty
Level 27 Flu Morty
Level 27 Red Shirt Morty

Wrath Rick

Level 26 Giant Head Morty
Level 27 Phantom Morty
Level 26 Biker Morty
Level 26 Punk Morty
Level 28 Parasitic Morty

③ Purgatory Envy Rick

Level 27 Three Eye Morty
Level 27 Exo-Omega Morty
Level 26 Multi Morty
Level 25 Mystic Morty
Level 27 Diamond Eyes Morty

Gluttony Rick

Level 27 Spork Morty
Level 28 Big Tongue Morty
Level 26 Sausage Morty
Level 26 Pizza Morty
Level 26 Banana Morty

➃ Rick's Inferno Greed Rick

Level 27 Business Morty
Level 26 Boulder Morty
Level 27 Wizard Morty
Level 26 Veiny Morty
Level 27 Old Morty

Mr. Needful

Level 27 Ghostly Morty
Level 28 Flaming Morty
Level 26 Werewolf Morty
Level 27 Goo Morty
Level 28 Skeleton Morty

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