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Morty Smith (C-594) is the main character of the Pocket Like You Stole It mini-series.


Morty C-594 was with Mer-Morty and were stuck in a hole. Mer-Morty was dying so Morty went out to find food and water. He did find some, but it turned out to be a trick from his Rick to catch Mortys. Morty almost let it slip that there was another Morty, but he decided that it was better to let Mer-Morty die then have him morty battle.

Morty was brought to Ricks base, where he keeps a bunch of Mortys. Rick mentions on how he wants the Council of Ricks dead. While Rick is talking, Morty escapes and pulls out his Morty Manipulator Chip, which was loose.

He stumbles upon a closet and hides in there, and finds Ants in my Eyes Morty.


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