Mortytown is a ghetto district inside The Citadel. It is said to be completely Rick-less, with Mortys running amok. Morty Mart and The Creepy Morty are located here, with the Mortytown Locos and Big Morty previously selling drugs and robbing stores.


Cop Rick and Cop Morty were sent out to Mortytown to investigate a robbery at a Morty Mart. Not getting anywhere with the information provided by the Morty Mart Owner, Cop Morty was told, by two Mortys he kept at gunpoint, the Mortytown Locos performed the robbery.

They next pulled up to the Mortytown Locos hideout where they arrested three members and Bootleg Portal Chemist Rick died by entering a faulty portal. Cop Rick got stabbed by a Morty pretending to be innocent, before shooting him. While Cop Rick was by their squad car, Cop Morty activated a small bomb which disintegrated the Mortytown Locos' building along with its members.

The two cops visited The Creepy Morty to inform Big Morty of the Locos' deaths. A shootout followed when Rick refused bribery from Big Morty and started arresting him. After shooting his partner, Cop Rick surrendered to the rest of the police outside the club.

Other Businesses Mortytown

Bail Bonds, and News Stand

There were other businesses in Mortytown, such as "Bail Bonds" and "News Stand". They are located next to the Creepy Morty.

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