Now look, we're going to be dealing with some real serious stuff today. If you haven't heard of it it's called math! And without it, none of us would even exist.
—Mr. Goldenfold's Introduction[src]

Mr. Goldenfold is Morty's math teacher at Harry Herpson High School. He is voiced by Brandon Johnson.


Not much is known about Mr. Goldenfold's history besides the fact that he is divorced, as revealed in "Something Ricked This Way Comes". He has an apparent attraction to the television character Mrs. Pancakes, who he has romantic dreams about as seen in "Lawnmower Dog". He was briefly seen in "Rick Potion No. 9" when he was under the effect of the love potion Rick gave to Morty. In this same episode, Mr. Goldenfold, along with the rest of the people in the world (except for Rick, Morty and the Smith family), became infected with a disease which caused him to mutate into a Cronenberg. After this, Rick and Morty went to another dimension where Rick had apparently found a way to revert him and all of the others back to normal again. There is no notable difference between the Mr. Goldenfold of Rick and Morty's original dimension and their current one.



Mr. Goldenfold is an African-American man with a mustache and black, balding hair. He is always seen wearing a yellow v-neck sweater and an orange undershirt with a grey tie.


Mr. Goldenfold seems to have some anger issues, being quickly and easily enraged. His anger often leads to him screaming at his students and flailing wildly. He has very low opinions of his students and is virtually always upset with them.

In the Pilot episode, Morty unknowingly fondled Mr. Goldenfold's chest while dreaming of playing with Jessica's boobs. Mr. Goldenfold seemed to derive some pleasure from this. He also seems to have repressed sexual feelings towards Summer which he hides within the dreams of his dream version of Mrs. Pancakes.

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  • In "Something Ricked This Way Comes", it's revealed that he used to be married but has since divorced. He frequently attempts to cure the pain of his loneliness with Jamba Juice.
  • In "Pickle Rick", it is revealed that he has an addiction to eating feces, called "Coprophagia".

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