Kirkland Brand Mr. Meeseeks is a Meeseeks that has red skin and doesn't seem to enjoy helping others or living.


Unlike the original blue skin Mr. Meeseeks, Kirkland Mr. Meeseeks has red skin with body and facial hair and gold hair.


Kirkland Meeseeks doesn't seem like he cares about fulfilling a request or helping others, unlike the blue Meeseeks. When Rick and his wasp counterpart return to his dimension Rick gets mad that Morty went through his things and stole his Meeseeks boxes and left him with the knockoff Kirkland Meeseeks Boxes. When Rick pushed the button the Kirkland Meeseeks says "What do you want?" while smoking a cigarette and blowing the smoke in Rick's face. Wasp Rick feeling bad for Rick says "Damn, your Morty sucks."

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