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I am Mr. Nimbus!
— Mr. Nimbus catchphrase, Mort Dinner Rick Andre

Mr. Nimbus is a character who first appeared in the Season 5 episode "Mort Dinner Rick Andre" as well as the central antagonist of said episode. He appears to be capable of standing toe-to-toe with the mad scientist Rick Sanchez, even referred to as "my nemesis" by Rick. He is also the king of the ocean and Atlantis.


While Rick is unconscious, Morty manages to narrowly land the Space Cruiser on Earth from another adventure, although he does so in the ocean. As Rick reawakens, this landing in the water prompts him to panic, followed quickly by the arrival of Mr. Nimbus, who claims Rick has "desecrated the sacred treaty betwixt land and sea." When arriving to the Smith House, he controls the police to fight, seduce each other and leave. He also gets the attention of Jerry and Beth. Later in the episode, begins the treaty between him and Rick it doesn't go so well resulting in Nimbus in threatening to drown the surface world, but Rick doesn't care, Rick gets more angry at his appearance and existence, but Nimbus believes it to be a cover story as he seems to be angry that he is the only one who truly see Rick for what he really is. But the talk is cut short when Rick is forced to leave, in order to save Morty and Jessica from a futuristic Narnia like world.

After saving Rick from the futuristic world, they begin to make up, with Nimbus mentioning that a new friendship is in order. Rick seems to agree with this sentiment as well, and they proceed to momentarily reconcile. However, this is changed when Summer enters the garage with a conch shell, the source of Nimbus' power. Rick makes an attempt to reason with him but to no avail. Nimbus begins to punch and kick Rick to the ground, causing serious injury to him. Then, against Morty and Rick's calls to destroy it, Summer blows on the shell, causing Nimbus to become stronger. He then drags Rick out into the driveway, where (under Nimbus' control), Rick is arrested. Much later in the end credits, Beth and Jerry arrive to his apartment, at first they only want the reward but then are left speechless when Nimbus opens his door, they plead not to tell Rick about what's going to happen next and are worried he wouldn't understand, to which Nimbus says: "Yes he would", as his robe drops down and he seduces Jerry and Beth.


Mr. Nimbus is a fish-like anthromorph with black hair and green eyes, who wields a "very large" trident, is clad in a speedo and wears a cape. He has frilly gills sticking out from the sides of his jawline. He appears to use creatures of the sea for transportation, such as dolphins, octopi, and gigantic clams.


Rick Sanchez[]

Mr. Nimbus is Rick's self-proclaimed nemesis; having a significant history with the latter to which he was regarded as a cold-blooded killer with the ability to control the police to his whim. His presence is enough to cause distress in Rick that he might appear, and refer to Rick by his full first name, Richard. It's implied that he and Rick were once close friends and embarked on adventures across the cosmos together. However it's clear over time their friendship fell apart over petty disagreements and the two became enemies. They eventually established a treaty to not attack each other, which was accidentally broken by Summer.


Season 5[]

Season 6[]


  • Mr. Nimbus is the first and as of yet, only person to call Rick "Richard."
  • Mr. Nimbus is very likely a satire of King Namor from Marvel Comics, a character that like Mr. Nimbus is unknown by the mainstream however is filled with over a dozen of super powers such as controlling sea life and even flight. It's also similar to Namor's rivalry with Reed Richards, a Rick-like genius inventor, a character (who also has a citadel-like storyline with Reeds from many universes). But the show seems to make most fun of the fact that King Namor only fashioned a speedo and was incidentally over-sexual and his habit of often saying "I am Namor".
  • "Nimbus" is an outdated term for a type of cloud characterized as grey and precipitation-bearing, and the Latin term for "cloud" or "halo."
  • Mr. Nimbus can control the police, among other things.
  • Mr. Nimbus is somehow resistant to Rick's technology, effortlessly overpowering the forces of the Narnia Dimension, even though they had been reverse-engineering Rick's technology for generations. This may have something to do with the fact Atlantis in Ancient Times was known as the most highly advanced civilization on Earth even in the Modern Era. Therefore allowing Mr Nimbus to counter many things Rick could throw at him.
  • Mr. Nimbus is implied to be well connected to Rick's backstory, enough to know about Rick's wife, Diane. It is not established whether he met her or just heard about her.
  • Rick has stated in the episode that he hasn't fought Nimbus in years.
  • Mr. Nimbus is either Pansexual, Omnisexual or Bisexual.
  • The fate of the Mr. Nimbus from Dimension C-137 (if he exists there) is unknown.
  • Mr. Nimbus in the Dimension C-131 may be deceased, due to the Mr. Frundles incident.