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The Narnia Dimension was a pocket dimension where time moved significantly faster relative to our own Universe. The passage of time was such that each second on Earth constituted a year in the Narnia Dimension. At some point Rick Sanchez discovered the Dimension and built a standardized portal gun that would not only access it alone, but also sync the timelines of both his universe and the Narnia Dimension as long as the portal remained open. He used it whenever he needed to rapidly age objects such as wine. Eventually an intelligent species of bovine/dog like humanoids evolved on the planet of the Dimension where the portal led, as well as horned cetaceans with bovine features as well as long lived birds and leeches. The planet was habitable, largely resembling Earth save for having two moons. For the most part, the species was a peaceful species that interacted friendly with inter-dimensional travelers. Since Rick cared little about the Dimension other than its utility to age objects, he had virtually no contact with the beings.


The portal entrance from the perspective of the pocket dimension during Morty's first visit.

In an effort to distract Mr. Nimbus during a diner party/treaty signing ceremony, Rick concocted a scheme to age a set of crummy wine to superior standards. He and Morty merely tossed the wine into the Dimension and Rick explained the gist of the realm to Morty. Morty gave it the name, Narnia, as its relative passage of time compared to Earth was similar to the Kingdom of Narnia in the well known children's novel series. Morty's first entrance to the Dimension to retrieve some of the wine showed the horse/dog species had reached something equivalent to the middle ages on Earth (hence Narnia). Morty's first interaction with the species was very positive as a local farmer named Hoovy offered to help him move the mysterious wine that had sat near his farm for decades.

However, Morty made a critical mistake by briefly inviting Hoovy back to Earth and closing the portal behind him. As a result, at least thirty-five years passed in the Narnia Dimension while only around thirty-five seconds past on Earth, ironically with Morty establishing a friendship with Hoovy and Hoovy giving Morty advice on finding love with Jessica. Hoovy arrived home to unexpectedly find his fields lay barren and his house dilapidated. His wife Bova, who had been pregnant with their son at his departure, had since passed away from a broken heart. His son Japheth, who had been born shortly after his departure and now a young man, stabbed his father in a fit of rage assuming he had abandoned them. Before his death, Hoovy attested that his departure was not his choice, but rather the fault of Morty. As a result, Japheth then swore to turn his vengeance on Morty.

Morty returned a few decades later (only a minute from his perspective) to retrieve more wine which was now conveniently hidden in a bush. Japheth, mourning his Mother and Father's grave, attacked Morty after waiting to avenge his parents' deaths. Morty was able to fend him off and escape back to his reality. He immediately returned to Narnia with a vengeance, fed up with Japheth and unwilling to let his relationship with Jessica fail. By now Japheth was an elderly man, having restored his Father's farm and house and having three sons. Despite Japheth's attempts to stab him, he only managed to scrape his lower left arm. As a result, Morty beat him and retrieved more wine before escaping. As Japheth died, his sons (who previously did not believe him about Morty) apologized to Japheth for not believing him about Morty and saying they were wrong. Japheth's last wish before he died was for his sons to kill and stop Morty at all costs. His sons swore a blood oath to avenge his death, knowing Morty would return.

Morty realizes his actions have angered the local inhabitants.

Over the decades, Japheth's sons amassed great wealth and power in the medieval lands they called home. They built a massive fortress around the doorway and guarded it 24/7 with an excessive amount of guards and weapons. Morty returned again, only to escape immediately realizing the rage that had been built up against him. Japheth's sons, now older kings, believed they had won, but remained on guard in case Morty ever returned. Morty, enraged that the Narnia Dimension was blocking his evening with Jessica, spent several seconds arming himself with Rick's advanced weapons in a rage.

During this time at least another decade passed within Narnia. One of the Kings' young sons, having witnessed Morty's defeat, assumed Morty wasn't coming back. He yelled at his Father and Uncles for wasting their kingdom's manpower and resources on the off chance of getting revenge. For his insolence, the boy was banished from the Royal Court. He was then approached and mentored for ten years by a sorcerer who wanted revenge on the Kings for making him toil for years to build the fortress. The two then staged a bloody coup against the Kings, killing them. However the sorcerer betrayed and killed Japheth's grandson, intending to destroy the Hoovy bloodline and erase what he considered to be a lie that Morty would return. At that moment, Morty returned with his own vengeance, shocking the sorcerer that the kings were right. Morty killed him, his guards and destroyed the whole fortress. He then grabbed the remaining wine and returned to Earth, spitefully intending to never return.

However, Morty made another critical error: following his attack on and destruction of the fortress, he carelessly threw away and left behind a levitation glove infused with Rick's technology in the Narnia Dimension. The King's young wife and other survivors of the attack found the glove in the ruins of the fortress and reverse engineered its technology over decades to create a futuristic society. The Queen trained her son Adam mercilessly from his childhood to adulthood to kill Morty and avenge their bloodline. But this time, the horse/dog species had learned how to activate the portal from their Dimension, allowing them to stage an attack on Earth rather than the other way around. After absorbing the life energy of three of his compatriots and donning power armor, Adam charged to Earth and attacked Morty. However, he was defeated by Jessica who stabbed the tube connected to his power suit with a bottle opener, causing his death by his armor imploding. This implosion caused the tube to sever, flail and connect with the bottle opener that Jessica continued to hold in her left hand and consequently sucked her head first into the Narnia Dimension as it returned to it's point of origin.

Jessica while frozen in crystal consciously witnesses centuries pass.

Seeing that her son had failed, the elderly Queen decided to encase Jessica in crystal to preserve her for future purposes. Jessica unfortunately, would remain fully conscious for the centuries of time she would eventually spend encased in the crystal. She witnessed the society descend into a brutal civil war as the Queen died and the Hoovy Bloodline finally came to an end. Afterwards, the society rebuilt into a modern technocracy and develop primordial robots. These robots eventually turned on their creators and eradicated the species. However, they rebuilt their society and eventually took on the cloned, cybernetic form of their doomed creators. They eventually built a super advanced civilization that had become completely alien to the one Morty first encountered.

Morty arrived back in Narnia where he was tricked by the celebratory robots via hologram into capture. The robot scientist tasked to study Morty did not fully understand why this society had sworn revenge on him and and for centuries, had been asking existential questions about his own existence. Morty used the opportunity to escape and rescue Jessica. As they tried to escape, they were captured by more robots. Rick was pulled into the Dimension when he tried to free them. He quickly found the robot civilization had outclassed his technology, as they removed his cybernetic augmentations without difficulty. Just as he lost hope they could escape, Mr. Nimbus arrived in the Dimension. He used his power of controlling the seas and aquatic creatures to lay waste to the robots and rescue Rick, Morty and Jessica. With the robots destroyed, the last legacy of the horse/dog humanoid species went extinct and the Narnia Dimension became empty.

Jessica left the Dimension having a new appreciation for the complex nature of time and humanity. Jessica decided she and Morty should be just friends. A saddened Morty was left realizing he had to be as much of a cynical jerk as Rick if he intended to travel the cosmos without trouble.


  • This dimension is also called "Hoovy world" by director, Jacob Hair.
  • The bovine features of the cetaceans summoned by Mr. Nimbus indicates a common evolutionary origin with the sentient bovine humanoids.