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We now return to "Nintendo 69."
—Nintendo 69 Announcer

Nintendo 69 is a TV show on interdimensional cable. It appears in the episode "Mort Dinner Rick Andre."


The program appears to contain highly sexualized (possibly pornographic) content portraying a man having sex with a retro Nintendo Entertainment System wearing pink underwear whilst exclaiming "Nintendo, oooh what are you doing to me? Oooh Nintendo, oooh Nin-" before the TV was awkwardly switched off in shame.


The N69 title screen

Morty invites Jessica into one of the rooms of the house and attempts to show her some interdimensional cable in a bid to keep her entertained while on a date, but promptly turns off the TV when he notices that she doesn't seem to be enjoying Nintendo 69.


  • Later in the same episode, Rick mentions to his arch-nemesis Mr. Nimbus that all he does is "...eat ass and 69 Nintendos bro [sic], every day".
  • It was likely the most recent channel Rick Sanchez watched before it was carelessly shown to Jessica by Morty.
    • The inclusion of the recliner chair's leg rest in a partially upright position may also hint that Rick finds the show arousing.
  • The announcer is voiced by Tom Kenny, one of the shows predominant voice actors who also plays Squanchy, Million Ants, King Jellybean, and many more.

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