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Uh-oh, I gotta save me some trouble. Because here comes a trouble-mite.
—-Octopus Man

Octopus Man is a character that appears on an interdimensional TV channel in "Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate". He's a marine biologist that was bitten by an octopus.


Octopus Man is an ambiguous character in an unknown television show. He seems excitable and giggly, yet takes joy out of the harm of others. While he claims he "helps people" and "saves people", he is last seen taking a knife and killing two innocent civilians. Since little is known about his universe, Octopus Man can neither be confirmed the protagonist or antagonist of his show.

He is seen accompanied by an unknown driver with a bald head and scar across his face. The two do not seem to know each other, but he drives Octopus Man along while he talks through his story and watches idly as Octopus Man kills the civilians


Octopus Man is a half human, half octopus creature. The human side, he is a Causasian male with grey hair and a black goatee, wearing a blue jumper, lighter blue shirt and black gloves. The octopus side is red, with blue markings as well as a bulbous, yellow eyes with a green pupil. One of his arms is replaced with a tentacle, and other he has the ability to move as if it had no bones.


  • Octopus Man is based off superheroes who gained their powers from radioactive animals, such as Spiderman.
  • Octopus Man was most probably bitten by a common octopus (Octopus vulgaris).
  • Octopus Man appeared as a trainer in the mobile game Pocket Mortys in the 'Band of Jerrys' tournament in the Morty Games.