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Following their many inter-dimensional adventures, Rick and Morty enters the POP! Animation realm with the Funko Pop! Rick and Morty line. 

POP! Vinyl is a series of stylized collectible figures made by Funko which features characters from movies, television shows, comic books, anime, and more. They are uniform in shape and generally three to four inches tall, although six-inch and ten-inch figures exist too, They are characterized by their small bodies and disproportionately big rectangular heads with large dot-like black eyes and are typically sold at $10. They are released under different series, and each series numbers figures in the order of their release.

In 2016,  Funko began producing a line of Rick and Morty-themed POP! Vinyl figures under the POP! Animation Series. In early 2017, they announced a partnership with Cartoon Network to expand the line which would include plushes, keychains, housewares, apparel and accessories, and a line of fully posable action figures, which can combine to build Snowball, on top of expanding the already existing line of POP! figures.  

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