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Personal Space is a low-budget TV-show that was featured in the episode Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate. It's broadcasted on tuesdays at 8 o'clock on BBC Two, before The Northsiders. It has it's own website


The show is hosted by a man named Phillip Jacobs who is extremely concerned with his personal space and takes it very seriously. At times he's paranoid that someone is close to him, even though he is alone. After the intro he will direct the camera towards a projector and show slides saying "personal space", and telling the viewers to stay out of his personal space. At the end of the show he removes his own skin on live TV because he does not care to have it on his personal space.


Personal Space is operating with a very low budget, to point where the intro is played on a cassette-player by the host. The only equipment used on the show is the camera used to record it, a wooden stool, wooden table, projector and a screen. The show is shot in a poorly lit warehouse.

Fourth Wall

At the end of the Personal Space Show feature, an advert for a show called 'The Northsiders' appears. There is a clear 'BBC2' logo in the top left corner of this advert. BBC2 is an actual TV channel in the United Kingdom, and so the implication is that the "Personal Space Show" airs on a real TV channel in the UK. The English-accented narrator is heard to say "More Personal Space next Tuesday at 8...". In the next breath, he is heard saying "Up next the heat is turning up for Samantha and the boys on 'The Northsiders'". Now, it is possible that 'The Northsiders' could be a reference to 'Eastenders', a show which actually airs on BBC1. Whether or not this reference is intentional, it is clear that this advert for BBC2 is, and so breaks the fourth wall: we are being subtely provided with the thought that the Smith family are actually real, watching a real TV show in a real hospital, and so on.

R and m the northsiders

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