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This article is about the character "Pickle Rick". You may be looking for the game or the episode.
I'm Pickle Rick!
—Pickle Rick

Pickle Rick is a version of Rick Sanchez first seen in a teaser for Season 3 of Rick and Morty. He appears in the episode of the same name and makes a cameo appearance in Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat in a death crystal vision.


In this form, Rick's only functional body parts are his brain, ears, eyes and a mouth. In all other regards, he became an ordinary pickle. He is vulnerable to dehydration and can be damaged (although replacing a lost portion with an ordinary pickle just left a scar when reverting back to human form).

Changing back to human is only possible with the help of an Anti-Pickle Serum.

Two augmentations were shown in the episode Pickle Rick

  • Pickle Rick with Cockroach Limbs - Rick is first seen wrapped up in cockroach limbs that twitch when Rick presses a part of their brain with his tongue.
  • Pickle Rick in Rat Suit - Constructed of rat limbs and brain, this form of Pickle Rick is very nimble and demonstrative of a level of athleticism not often seen from Rick.


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