Planet MWA739 was visited by Rick Sanchez (C-132) and Morty Smith (C-132) in Rick and Morty Issue 11.

Planet MWA739 appears to have an incredibly diverse alien population, with few aliens looking alike. It also appears to have a similar social environment in High School as seen on Earth, but far more destructive and deadly.



HSS Academy building

Rick and Morty traveled to Planet MWA739 in order for Morty to attent HSS Academy (High School Simulation Academy), where he could experience all typical high school scenarios up until graduation, all in one day. These scenarios, however, do not include any classes or studying. Though reluctant at first, Morty went into the simulation to prepare himself for further high school. Inside the simulation he got beaten up by jocks, but eventually managed to avoid it. Further he got arrested for solicitation (when a girl asked for ten dollars before they would have sex, turning out to be an undercover cop), but got back on track with detention and conductor for the school ragtag band. This upset Rick, who sent Morty back into dangerous situations where he had to fight his way out. In order for Morty pass his final test, beating up the Whole school, Rick injected him witha near-lethal dose of Monoxadripil-2 to put him in a drug induced coma. This worked and Rick woke Morty up afterwards.

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