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Planet Music is a Cromulonian reality TV show. The series features multiple Cromulons transporting other planets into their dimension and forcing them to make a song for them, and through elimination, they destroy the planets, until one is left, which is the winner, who is left to go back to their original dimension. It appeared in the episode "Get Schwifty".

Season 988

The competitors were Earth, Parblesnops, Arboles Mentirosos, the Scrotian planet and a larva alien planet. The first to perform was a Greebybobe band from Parblesnops, but they refused to play in captivity and wanted the cromulons to set everyone free. They were naturally disqualified and disintegrated by the plasma ray. Next was the Arbolian Mentirososian band who played their own song. The next two were the Scrotians and the larva aliens, before Rick and Morty performed last with their song Head Bent Over and won the final season of the competition. This marked Earth as the final winners of Planet Music.

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