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Plutonians are the people of Pluto. Their first notable appearance is in Something Ricked This Way Comes. However, they appear multiple times in M. Night Shaym-Aliens!, presumably as test subjects for the Zigerion simulations. Delusional against the fact that their planet is fine and not getting smaller or mined from the inside, but in fact it is getting smaller because of the mining tunnels that harvest the Plutonians planet


Most Plutonians follow the same Aspects in appearance. There are over four billion Plutonians. They have yellow skin/fur on their front and face and orange fur/skin on their side, back, ears, legs and arms. They have no distinguishable nose and have two fingers and two toes each. Their eyes have green, cross-shaped pupils. They also have four strange aerials on their heads.  

Notable Plutonians



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