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Pocket Mortys is a Rick and Morty game based on the Pokémon video game series. It was slated to be released on January 14, 2016, but was released a day earlier. On July 5, 2017 Pocket Mortys introduced online multiplayer. It has an official Discord Server which you can join by clicking here.[1]


Throughout the game, the player controls Rick. The game starts in Rick's garage when Mysterious Rick enters through a portal and challenges the player to a Morty Battle. After defeating him, the player must exit through a portal that takes them to the Council of Ricks, where their portal gun is confiscated. To get it back, the player must defeat the six head Ricks. In order to fight them, the player must first fight Ricks from other dimensions and acquire their badges. After the player defeats them, the last council member turns out to be replaced by Mysterious Rick, who has captured the entire council. After the player defeats him, they will have the goal to catch (capture) each type of Morty.


The concept of the game was taken from the popular "Pokémon" (Pocket Monsters in Japan) franchise. The object of the game is to collect Mortys, battle others (mainly Ricks), and earn badges.

Considering that the Rick and Morty universe is an infinite multiverse, Justin Roiland decided that Pocket Mortys can be considered canon.[2] However, due to President Morty being added in the game, it means that it's non-canon, due to President Morty breaking through the Central Finite Curve in the Season 5 finale, and in the game, he appears in his spacesuit from the finale.


Badges are awarded for defeating Ricks and are the primary indicator of progress within the game. They are needed to battle the council member Ricks. They basically resemble a gym badge from Pokémon. You can earn as many badges as you want, considering you are not restricted from re-entering the portal after achieving the needed amount of badges to complete the game (30 badges).

Morty Day Care[]

A maximum of five Mortys can follow Rick at any time. Any other Mortys in the player's possession will be stored in Morty Day Care. Here, Mortys that are the same (e.g. two Blue Shirt Mortys) can be combined. This will "evolve" them into a new version (e.g. Red Shirt Morty). The level of the new Morty will be determined by the levels of the two Mortys combined.

Bootcamp was added to Morty Day Care in the 1.6 update. Three boot camps are available:

  • Level 10+ awards ~350 XP and lasts 24 hours
  • Level 25+ awards ~2000 XP and lasts 48 hours
  • Level 50+ awards ~7000 XP and lasts 72 hours

Morty Games[]

See: Morty Games

The Morty Games is an expansion in the game with update 1.4. The Morty Games adds further story to the game through a series of battle events. At the end of each event, one of the prizes is a Morty unavailable anywhere else in the game.

Online Multiplayer[]

On May 9, 2017 Pocket Mortys official twitter announced they were opening up beta testing for a multiplayer for the first 5,000 people who sign on Android.[3] On July 5, 2017 multiplayer officially rolled out on all devices with version 2.0.[1]

On the multiplayer platform, users create usernames, have a choice of trainer avatars, and start off with choosing three different Mortys, separate from the Campaign. Player levels can be separated by transporting to different worlds for further challenges.

In celebration of season 3, weekly updates will coincide with new episodes, including new avatars for players to collect, although the first of them will be released on July 23.[4]


  • Mortyland Restrictions - Minimum Player Level: 1
  • Plumbubo Prime 51b Restrictions - Minimum Player Level: 5
  • Mortopia Restrictions - Minimum Player Level: 15
  • GF Mortanic Restrictions - Minimum Player Level: 30

Mr Meeseeks[]

In multiplayer, Mr Meeseeks will give you daily rewards if you walk over to him and watch an ad. These can be crafting resources or items, in addition to flurbos (currency in multiplayer)

He will also sometimes come after you have finished a battle to give you the option to watch an ad and get flurbos.

Mr Meeseeks will poof into a cloud of blue smoke after the ad is watched, and you will get the rewards.

New Mortys[]

In the multiplayer mode, 20 multiplayer exclusive mortys are added.

These are:

  • Survivor Morty
  • Survivalist Morty
  • Animatronic Morty
  • Plumbus Slave Morty
  • Plumbus Worker Morty
  • Plumbus Prawn Morty
  • Plumbus Master Morty
  • Ace Pilot Morty
  • Wild Mascot Morty
  • Mega Morty
  • Girl Morty (Who resembles Mabel from Gravity Falls)
  • Crewman Morty
  • Ensign Morty
  • Lieutenant Morty
  • Spliced Morty
  • Vindicator Morty
  • Hawaiian Morty
  • Sherlock Morty
  • Prisoner Morty
  • Felon Morty
  • Federation Prisoner Morty
  • Mortox Morty
  • Mortaion Morty
  • Giant Arm Morty
  • Armomaly Morty
  • Mutagen Morty
  • Judge Morty
  • Wasteland Morty
  • Cucumber Morty
  • Pickle Morty
  • Pickled Morty
  • Android Morty
  • Carcinogenic Morty
  • Plumbonia Morty
  • Wild Man Morty
  • Sunday Best Morty
  • Concerto Morty
  • Lawyer Morty
  • Gunk Morty
  • Maurice Jones
  • John Rick

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List of Mortys[]

Main article: List of Mortys (Pocket Mortys)

The Mortys are broken up into three categories: "rock", "paper", and "scissors". Rock has an advantage over scissors, scissors over paper, and paper over rock. Which is based over the zero-sum hand game Rock–paper–scissors. There are only four exceptions who are not categorized in any type: Morty (the one the player starts off with), Morticia, Cronenberg Morty, and Space Suit Morty.

The Morty the player starts off with has a random dimension designation, so theoretically, every player is playing in a different universe.

Trainers and NPCs[]

Main article: List of Pocket Mortys trainers and NPCs

Besides the main Council of Ricks, other Ricks make up the Gym battles. And until the last "Council" member is beat, the only way to return to the Citadel is to beat the Gym leader. (The only other way to return is for all the Mortys in your party to get knocked out. In which case Birdperson with pick you up to take you to the Healing Center.)

Custom avatars[]

Main article: List of Pocket Mortys avatars

On October 26, 2016 in Pocket Morty's 1.7 update introduced "Rick costumes".[5] Custom avatars that can be exchanged at Salesman Rick as playable avatars. Eventually, the avatars were further extended to other characters besides Rick.


Attack Name AP Type Power Accuracy
100% Cotton 8 Scissors 100 95%
Absorb 18 Defense (Self) Weak 95%
Ant Bite 5 Rock 115 95%
Ascend 8 120 95%
Attention 5 Attack (Self)

Defense (Self)

Speed (Self)

Accuracy (Self)









Aura 10 Attack (Self) Strong 95%
Beam 8 100 95%
Belch 18 Accuracy (Self) Weak 95%
Blind Swing 8 75 90%
Blink 12 Accuracy (Self) Medium 95%
Blitz 5 Accuracy (Self) Weak




Blood Pressure 10 Attack (Self) Strong 95%
Blood Suck 5 Absorb

Poison (Self)


Poison (Self)


Poison (Self)










Blow Dry 8 Scissors 75 95%
Blue Spray 8 Paper 70 95%
Brain Freeze 5 120 95%
Brand 12 Paper 55 95%
Bunt 8 95 95%
Dig 10 65 95%
Drop Out 10 Rock 65 95%
Flail 10 65 95%
Hug 12 Paper 55 95%
Lift 10 55 95%
Melt 10 Scissors 50 95%
Mind Rage 8 Scissors 80 95%
Nail 8 Rock 80 95%
Neutralise 10 60 95%
Nibble 10 Scissors 45 95%
Ouija 8 80 95%
Outburst 12 50 95%
Plasma Burst 10 65 95%
Poke 12 Rock 45 95%
Rush 8 100 95%
Slam 12 Rock 45 95%
Solidify 12 Rock 50 95%
Spar 10 Rock 55 95%
Stone Gaze 8 70 95%
Swing 8 90 95%
Transplant 8 Scissors 92 95%


While at the Citadel of Ricks, certain NPCs will appear with question marks over their heads. If you talk to them, they will make a vague request for a craftable item. The player then has to determine what item the NPC wants, craft it, and give it to them. Quests carry over between visits to alternate dimensions, and most quests only become available after the player has received a certain number of trophies.

3 The Broken Rickmote Jerry Battery
Supercharged Battery
Attack Mega Seed

Rickstoring the Balance

Doofus Rick Plutonic Rock
Pure Plutonic Rock
Sensational Serum

Feeling Rickcharged

Robot Rick Supercharged Battery
Microverse Battery
Level Up Mega Seed

New Chef in the Rickchen

Masy Kallerax Purified Fleeb Level 5 Egg Morty

A Rick and His Morty

The Scientist Known as Rick Dog Collar 500 Schmeckles

A Matter of Rick or Death

Four Eyes Rick Dark Energy Ball Battery
Bacteria Cell
Turbulent Juice Tube
14 Rickbooting a New Life Robot Rick Motherboard Level Up Mega Seed
16 This Rick Must Fly Dandy Rick Dark Matter Ball Morty Manipulator Chip
18 The Love Ricktor Jerry Love Potion Mr Meeseeks Box
20 Just in the Rick of Time Flargo Time Crystal 1200 Schmeckles
22 The Ricktatorship Bluu Robot
Butter Robot
Gwendolyn Doll
Attack Mega Seed
Defense Mega Seed
Speed Mega Seed
24 Ricktastrophe of the 4th Kind Humox 5 Neutrino Bomb Sensational Serum
Pure Serum
26 Rick Around the Clock Flargo Time Stabilizing Collar Pure Halzinger
Pure Plutonic Rock
28 Butter Me Up Rick Jerry Butter Robot Mutant Bacteria Cell
30 Ricktelligence Quotient Doofus Rick IQ Enhancing Helmet 2x Level Up Mega Seed
32 The Cable Rick Baloogy Mellow Interdimensional Cable Box Morty Manipulator Chip
Mr Meeseeks Box
34 Behind Every Lover, There is a Rick Guard Rick Gwendolyn Doll 2000 Schmeckles
36 The Rick In Me is a Rick In You Jerry Interdimensional Goggles Purified Fleeb
Pure Serum
Pure Halzinger
38 Dude, Where's My Rick? Dandy Rick Microverse Battery Blips and Chitz Coupon
40 Virtual Rickality Mascot Morty Roy VR Headset PM-icon-080 Mascot Morty

Items and crafting recipes[]

See: Crafting Stations


Main article: List of Pocket Mortys music


Big Pixel Studios[]

  • Producer - David Burpitt
  • Arist - James T Harkins
  • Programmer - Jonathan Chisholm

Rick and Morty[]

  • Voices and Show Co-Creator - Justin Roiland
  • Voices and Show Co-Creator - Dan Harmon
  • Voice Recording and Producting - Dustin Marshall

Adult Swim Games[]

  • VP of Games - Jeff Olsen
  • Director of Production - Liz Pate
  • Senior Games Producer - Chris Johnston
  • Poject Manager - Elizabeth Murphy
  • QA Lead - Jacob Paul
  • Production Assitant - Megan Fausti
  • Product Marketing Manager - Sean Baptiste
  • Writer - Brandom Kraemer
  • Product Manager - Steve Gee
  • Senior Interactive Designer - Jeff Krichmar
  • Senior Applications Developer - Zo Douglass

Edits and changes[]

  • "Blips and Chitz" was originally misspelled as "Blitz and Chitz". This was corrected in an update.
  • Alien Rick originally had two arms that was later changed to four.
Alien Rick Sprite
Alien Rick Sprite revised
  • Cyclops Rick's animation sprite was originally missing ears.
  • Robot Rick's animation sprite used to wear only a lab coat. In a later update Rick's shirt and pants were added.
  • Super Fan Rick's animated sprite used to frown until he was given a wide smile.
  • The Scientist Known As Rick's animation sprite's hair was changed to match his detailed image better.
  • The healing process was originally longer; you would have been told to close your eyes as the screen flashed three times; now the screen flashes one time without warning.


Official art[]


Promotional videos[]

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Items Attack Mega SeedBacteria CellBatteryBlips and Chitz CouponCableCircuit BoardDefense Mega SeedFleebMr. Meeseeks BoxMorty TokenSchmeckleSpeed Mega SeedTin CanTurbulent Juice Tube
Craftable Items BatteryButter RobotCourier FlapDark Energy BallDark Matter BallDog CollarGreat SerumGwendolyn DollHalzingerInterdimensional Cable BoxInterdimensional GogglesIQ Enhancing HelmetLevel Up Mega SeedLove PotionMicroverse BatteryMorty Manipulator ChipMotherboardMutant Bacteria CellNeutrino BombParalyze CurePlutonic RockPoison CurePure CurumPure HalzingerPure Plutonic RockPure SerumPurified FleebRobotRoy VR HeadsetSensational SerumSerumSupercharged BatteryTime CrystalTime Stabilizing Collar
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