You know the worst part about inventing teleportation? Suddenly, you're able to travel the whole galaxy, and the first thing you learn is, you're the last guy to invent teleportation
—The Rickshank Rickdemption

The Portal Gun is a gadget that allows the user(s) to travel between different universes/dimensions/realities. The Gun was likely created by a Rick, although it is unknown which one; if there is any truth to C-137's fabricated origin story, then he may not be the original inventor. 

History of C-137's Portal Gun usage

The device was destroyed by a Gazorpazorp in "Raising Gazorpazorp" and as result, Summer and Rick had to return to Earth via space craft. Rick made a replacement one, but that one was destroyed when Rick rigged it to explode during the battle between Federation agents and the wedding guests at Birdperson's wedding reception in "The Wedding Squanchers." Another portal gun was found by Summer in The Rickshank Rickdemption when she unearthed the corpse of the Rick that was killed in the replacement dimension but that gun was destroyed by the Jerry Smith that lived in the cronenberged dimension. Given the fact that Tammy Gueterman demanded that the portal gun was not to be damaged when she demanded that Rick drop it, combined with the fact that the Galactic Federation set the brainalyzer in Rick to get the details on how to build the gun strongly implies that the Galactic Federation wanted to use Rick's portal gun design for their own personal use and that the reasons for it were probably so that the Federation could expand their control into other dimensions.

Features of Portal Guns

  • Portal Gun History - memory to record the locations portaled to
  • Can interface with computers via the muzzle of the gun
  • Council of Ricks can detect when a portal gun of one of its members is compromised as seen in "The Rickshank Rickdemption". C-137 is not a member, so when Morty steals the portal gun in "Get Schwifty", the Council is not alerted.
  • Self-destruct. Activated via a hidden button in the handle, the self-destruct causes the gun to implode, creating a short-lived portal that drags in its immediate surroundings.
  • Rick has mentioned that the portal gun has a limited charge. However, in two circumstances, Rick used it as a means to ignore requests that Morty had made (Going to back to school in "pilot" and running away in "Get Schwifty"), so it is unknown how limited if at all, the portal gun's charge is.
  • In "Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind" the Council of Ricks confiscate C-137's portal gun. It is mentioned that the portal gun logs down every place it's allowed the user to teleport to. (Trivia)
  • Requires some kind of portal fluid, as shown in "Tales from the Citadel". A Rick is seen working with "bootleg portal fluid", presumably called that because portal guns are illegal or restricted at the Citadel. This scene also shows that the fabrication of portal fluid requires precision and can be lethally dangerous if improperly made, as Cop Morty mentions that the Rick disintegrated because "his math was off".
  • The event horizon of a portal may be some form of membrane rather than energy. The portal created by improperly formulated portal fluid collapsed around the Rick trying to use it to escape, causing him to dissolve.
  • As shown in "Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri", the Portal Gun can open multiple portals of varying size at once.

Weaponization and Tactics

Although the primary function of a portal gun is for traveling. It has and can also be used offensively or defensively, usually by transporting a hazard to the location. It can also be used to create obstacles, or quickly run away. A portal does not need to be on a solid surface, so if a portal opens inside of a person or object, it will cut said object (as seen in "Mortynight Run" when Rick rends a Gromflomite). Speed does not seem to be conserved through portals, so they can be used to break falls as well. 


Escape From The Council of Ricks


It is a metal grey gun-like controller with a black dial which is used to select a destination as shown on a red LED display. There is a red display on the bottom of the parallelepiped muzzle which has an unknown function. It is also unknown whether or not the dial also functions as a button. A small hatch on the handle opens up to reveal the self-destruct button. When shot, it displays a green portal which acts like jelly when touched.

In The Rickshank Rickdemption, the Rick that appears to C-137 in his fabricated origin story carries a portal gun of a different design, possibly an earlier prototype.

Questionable Limits

It seems like and it is assumed that the Portal Gun can be used to portal to another location in the same universe, however, based on the gun's design (the use of only a dial) and the coloration of its portals, an argument might be made that the Portal Gun can only be used to transport a traveler to a location that is, in some sense, the same location in a different universe. However, that would imply that anyone or anywhere that Rick visits via portal technology exists in a different universe.

It's unclear how exactly the Portal Gun is controlled. Rick at multiple times can be seen instantly reconfiguring it as he sees fit, without any visible action or effort, so it might be controlled telepathically; however, Morty has to manually adjust its controls on the handle to tune it to C-137 dimension.

The portals work in both directions until the portal collapses, which takes varying amount of time (presumably regulated by user). Portals can be created under any angle, not just vertically, across a solid surface or in thin air. Portals are opaque, and the user cannot see the other side until they actually enter, as seen with the Blender Dimension portal.

Larger devices of similar design are used on the Citadel, either as portals to transport large objects (like trash), or to teleport the entire Citadel if needed without creating an actual portal.


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  • In "Close Encounters of the Rick Kind", Rick says "Don't look at another man's portal gun history. We all go to weird places." This is a joking reference to looking at another person's internet browsing history, where strange pages may have been visited, which generally refers to pornography.



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