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You know the worst part about inventing teleportation? Suddenly, you're able to travel the whole galaxy, and the first thing you learn is, you're the last guy to invent teleportation
—The Rickshank Rickdemption

Portals allow travel between two different locations. Usually, these locations exist in the same universe. The only groups that have been known to manufacture intergalactic portal technology are versions of Rick and the Galactic Federation (Intergalactic Customs in "Pilot "). At some point before the events of the series, various Ricks across the multiverse discovered the mathematical formula for interdimensional portal technology and later used this ability to explore a defined portion of the multiverse colloquially referred to as the Central Finite Curve. Some organizations and people are aware the existence of interdimensional teleportation, but it is unclear whether they possess the necessary understanding to employ use of it or not (e.g. Time Court, Morty Smith (304-X), and the gaseous beings of the "Fart" dimension).

Manufactured Portal Classifications

  • An interspatial portal, typically operated by Intergalactic Customs.

    Mobile portals were known to be used during wartime conflicts by the Gromflomites roughly 35 years ago.

    Interspatial Portals: which seem to appear blue ("Pilot" & "The Rickshank Rickdemption") allow teleportation between two fixed points within the origin universe. It is inferred that properly functioning blue portals have no significant time discrepancy (enabling nearly instantaneous transportation) when used.
    • In "Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort", in Birdperson's recollection of the Battle of Blood Ridge, it is shown the Galactic Federation also used diamond-shaped (technically a square rotated 45 degrees) opaque purple portals with a concentric repeating pattern of the portal's shape radiating from the center. It appears this variant is generated without the aid of portal fluid, but instead using some class of energy (likely precision focused) provided by four specialized starships holding formation. It is possible they harnessed a combination of wormholes and time crystals to accomplish this feat of relatively rapid-response deployable mobility on remote battlefields.
Interstellar portal technology may be a common discovery among semi-advanced civilizations.
  • Interdimensional Portals: appear green and have the hybridized capability to teleport non-gaseous matter between any two points within the origin universe or even interdimensionally into alternate universes. No practical time discrepancy is shown to occur for users utilizing green portals.
Generated by any "standard" Portal Gun, The Citadel's dimensional drive, or by using a uniquely calibrated intergalactic customs teleporter. Surfaces (except laboratory glassware) which come into contact with Rick's portal fluid may also form a green portal on the substrate, however it seems the exit point remains nondeterministic until a paired (possibly adjacent and similar sized) portal is created to match. If two paired green portals intersect, they appear to spontaneously collapse into a zero-point vacuum, pulling with them any attached solid matter through an ouroboros effect. The outcome of these ill-fated objects is canonically unknown at this time, but it can be assumed they're quite difficult (or functionally impossible) to recover.
Portal fluid spills in an unpaired state appear to act as massless negative voids of variable depth. This is evidenced by Nick in "Forgetting Sarick Mortshall" referring to a roughly palm sized entry point on his thigh as his "ultimate stash hole", and comparing the densely packed knee-deep garbage pile shown on the floor of the garage. The consequences of "closing" these voids is still unknown, as well as if the substrate can even be "cleaned" or returned to normal by conventional methods. The fluid itself is implied by Rick C-137 to have a low biotoxicity, however this could've been a joke.
  • Evil Morty, a few seconds from escaping the Central Finite Curve.

    Extradimensional Portals: appearing golden, this ambiguous portal is first seen by the viewer after Evil Morty activates his Dimensional Drive Protocol on The Citadel and uses the dimensional rift to punch through the Central Finite Curve's barrier in an attempt to escape it. After his success, he generates a golden portal and teleports into the unknown, possibly outside the multiverse entirely.
It is likely that Evil Morty used a heavily customized portal gun purpose-built with golden fluid to access areas of reality outside the Central Finite Curve that are never typically downloaded onto modern portal guns, as most Ricks likely don't find these dimensions useful enough to map or explore.
  • Temporal Portals: appear as light-blue bubbles or luminous off-white portals raised off the ground and are capable of allowing matter to pass through space-time. They were utilized during the Snakenet conflict on the replacement dimension Snake Planet by both Snake Cyborgs and the Snake Resistance in the future to travel back in time to present-day Earth on separate missions to kill and protect Morty respectively.

The Snake-Human Hybrid attempting to help Jerry.

Three variants of the portals seem to exist, two of which transport the user across the relative space and time of their origin universe. The other version mentioned (by the snake-human hybrid sent from the future to rescue Jerry Smith from falling) seems to be able to transport the user across alternate timelines.
The inventor and method for creating the Terminator style time-bubbles are unknown, however the other portal type (which paradoxically may have been originally invented by Rick using snake math) is shown to be generated via either a stationary time machine, or using a wrist-mounted device. The latter (and more common) type appears to be capable of bidirectional travel and creates a shimmer of electrical discharge as the user vanishes. At the exit, a white portal forms and the user can be seen "dropping" from a short distance above the ground into their destination-time.

Natural Portal Classifications

  • There are naturally occurring interdimensional wormholes as seen in "Mortynight Run" This variant is permeable for gaseous compounds to pass through, and is coincidentally is a common method of transport for the "Fart" species across dimensions.
  • There are also large Blue unstable wormholes shown during the title sequence in "Mort Dinner Rick Andre" which lead to a reality Nexus or core of some sort housing large reality crystals and a tentacled creature who seemingly devours realities to keep them in check, the portal will also cut anything that is in between during collapse. This portal variant is opened and closed by unknown means.
  • An intergalactic wormhole is used by Rick and Jerry returning home from the Resort planet during the "The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy" which likely form organically before local civilizations artificially reinforce them with safety infrastructure built around the rim edge. This practice has been shown to be common over at least the last few decades, being featured in a memory flashback of Rick C-137's origin story in "Rickmurai Jack".
  • In "Mortynight Run" an invisible wormhole was shown which seemingly phase (as if switching channels) the user to an "unregistered cross-temporal asteroid" known as Furp Rock - a hub of universes. These invisible wormholes apparently exist in every dimension, owing to the many Ricks and Mortys on Furp Rock who left their Jerrys at Jerryboree. If you leave Furp Rock, you're automatically returned to your former universe through the use of an unknown mechanism.

Irregular Classifications

  • Time-Stabilized Gateway: appear as semi-transparent layered blue (from the perspective of the observer) and orange outlined "doorframes" with a short cosmic buffer sandwiched in between. This type of portal enables passage between two fixed points in space-time. It is unclear if the two realms exist in the same universe, or different dimensions entirely.
The unique characteristic of these temporally paired gateways is synchronization of the relative passage of time between the two linked worlds while the portal remains open, completely ignoring the effects of time dilation for both planets (and possibly dimensions) hosting them.
The portal is utilized through a remote-shaped device given to Morty to expedite the aging process of wine into vintage using a pocket dimension where time runs faster relative to Earth. The time-speed incongruity while the portal is closed usually seems be roughly one year in Narnia for each second that passes on Earth.
The civilization on the other side of the doorway (as a result of reverse engineering Rick's technology carelessly left behind by Morty) was eventually able to open the gateway from their world into the garage, albeit with a less elegant solution for opening the portal, sustaining the link, and counteracting the effect of rapid aging. They used the opportunity to send The Traveler to execute Morty, who he believed was an existential threat endangering Hoovian society.
  • Rick watches as Morty collapses the all of the consequences of his "throwaway" realities into his own.

    Parallel Determination Shunt: depicted as a bright pink flash of light and static purple smoke around the "arriving" user's body when the remote device is triggered. The mechanism appears to have two critical pieces of hardware in a Primary/Secondary configuration. The main hub acts as the local server, which is known to maintain a history of the user remote actions, store a backup of the first timestamp ever created as a permanent reset point, and finally has the capacity to collapse all of the "throwaway universes" into the user's current dimension, allegedly forcing them to merge. The second, a smaller client device, is the remote control quickly which saves and loads the intended "timestamps" on demand.
The remote only has two buttons: the save function which preforms an isolated scan of the desired point in time of the origin dimension, and load where it then instantly parses each dimension where the saved timestamp is happening concurrently to the reset request, seamlessly shunting the user into a "...near duplicate, equally probable reality..." at the moment the reset button is released (or upon the users death).
Rick later reveals that the device uses time crystals in order to achieve this effect, however, chillingly the system is also required to "solve" for the user's counterpart at the exit point by partially vaporizing them to death before the intended user arrives.
It only exists as a compromise solution for the inherently paradoxical nature of time-travel, since Rick has been shown to be thoroughly disillusioned with the practice. Instead, the device may have utilized naturally occurring variations within dimensions located on the Central Finite Curve to circumvent any detectable changes to the naturally progressing timeline. It could be assumed Rick may also have had experiences relating to Time Cops preventing him from frequently breaking this mindset.

Portal Technology

In the Galactic Federation, intergalactic portal travel, like air travel on Earth, is regulated and restricted. This might be because of the oppressive nature of the Galactic Federation, however, such regulations also suggest that intergalactic travel is very costly and/or difficult to accomplish (as regulating an enterprise which can be easily reproduced is nearly impossible). The Galactic Federation only possesses the tech for intergalactic portals, that require a stationary gate at both ends, much like in "The Rickchurian Mortydate". The Galactic Federation has been hunting Rick for decades, not only for the many notable crimes against the Federation, but also so they might obtain the secrets of interdimensional travel.

Rick and Morty observe President Curtis stepping through the Government teleporter.

In "The Rickchurian Mortydate", the U.S. Government uses portal technology Rick describes as "ghetto-ass", "off-brand", and "deficit-tripling". The government teleporter is unlikely to be able to allow travel to another dimension as it requires the military to arrive at the destination for set-up before the teleporter can be used. During the events of "Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion" it appears that the government likely hasn't installed one on Mars yet, since they would've probably used it to teleport Summer to their secret base in an attempt to weaponize Naruto Smith more quickly. However, it is worth noting that the payload may be too large or delicate to practically soft-land on the surface safely.

In "Rickmurai Jack", after having broken through the Central Finite Curve, Evil Morty reveals his own golden portal gun. Unlike the standard portal guns that the Ricks use, this version generates golden portals. Given that Morty managed to break through the Central Finite Curve created by Ricks, Evil Morty's portal gun might even allow him to travel to any reality in existence, including those outside the Central Finite Curve, allowing it a far greater range than Rick's portal gun.

Rick observing a portal to Hell in action.

Other types of portals also exist canonically, although most of these omitted variants are atypical or paranormal in origin, such as the portal to Hell in "Amortycan Grickfitti" which was used by demons at the Funtasma Billards Bar during "Guy's Night" before Jerry is kidnapped. Another variation includes the "magic" portals cast by the wizards of Draygon, where immediately Rick expresses his distaste for writing or symbols around the opening. Some other scientifically rational examples which are not listed include the dimensional rift in space caused by Evil Morty's multiverse escape, or the chalk device known to create a doorway to Froopyland on demand. Also, in "Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort", Rick, Birdperson, and Memory Tammy resourcefully make use of bright pink "memory" portals (generated via extracted Mind-Blower fluid) to reach a string of specified memories within their unconscious minds to avoid their impending brain death.

Episode notes

Cultural references

  • The "entrance" of the time-stabilized gateway to the Narnia dimension is outlined in blue while the "exit" appears orange. These match the default portal colors of the Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device in Portal 1 & 2.
  • A green portal signifying interdimensional travel may be based on similar rifts seen in the classic FPS game from the late 90's, Half-Life. The Xen Portals created during the Resonance Cascade Incident were green, and also capable of transporting organic matter across the multiverse. Alien creatures were randomly transported to most of the American Southwest prior to the arrival of The Combine, which are in some respects similar to the Galactic Federation.
  • The design of the Interspatial teleportation device used by President Curtis is reminiscent of Nether Portals featured in Minecraft, as both appear to be built from a structural doorway and require an "ignition" source to activate.


  • Before Rick is approached by Weird Rick in the Brainalyzer memory sequence, a short delay can be observed between the timing of the entrance and exit of Rick's apple experiment. He is seen tinkering with a prototype of an unreliable portal gun, attempting simple interspatial teleportation. Oddly, his early work on these tests seems to show a lack of conservation of momentum... at least when teleporting fruit.
  • Due to logical nature of the butterfly effect it can be assumed that because Jerry hadn't yet fallen from the exterior of the passenger jet by the time he was offered assistance by the Snake-Human Hybrid specifically equipped to catch him if he slipped, his would-be savior may have in fact been sent from an alternate timeline where Jerry met his demise shortly before, or even after the plane touched down on the runway. This suggests his species used a form of intertemporal travel capable of voyaging through various probable timelines to reach Morty's Father.
  • The time-stabilized gateway leading to Hoovy's homeworld appears to be spatially anchored-in-place and is never shown to deviate from the point of origin. It could be speculated that this behavior is indicative of the doorway not being a manufactured portal, but something more analogous to a naturally occurring interdimensional rift, later modified by Rick with a "zipper" mechanism designed to preserve general relativity on each side as long as the portal is in a closed state.
  • A case could be made that the parallel determination shunt (reset button) device may also be a type of fringe portal technology, but is designed to transport the calibrated user's consciousness instead of their current physical body. This has confused some fans as the "merge" functionality would seem to be able to layer hundreds (or even thousands) of separate reset points into the current dimension which would now be inundated with paradoxes and contradictions, effectively rendering cause and effect seemingly meaningless.

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