The Post-Apocalyptic Dimension is a post-apocalyptic version of Earth that was visited by Rick, Morty and Summer. It was first seen in the episode, "Rickmancing the Stone". It is known to be inhabited by Hemorrhage and Eli.


An explosion called the "boom boom", had occurred, separating those who had survived into two groups; those who accepted the 'new truth', and those who kept the old beliefs from before the change. Radiation rotted away those who believed in the old, causing them to appear mutated and become attracted to advertisements on billboards. Those who accepted the 'new truth' inhabited the desert, hunting down those who believed in the old.

Summer, Rick and Morty teleported to this dimension to go on a dangerous adventure, in attempt to escape talking to Jerry Smith.



S3e2 suburban hell

The new suburbs

The Wasteland is a desert free of vegetation, primarily inhabited by Death Stalkers. Their main camp consisted of tents and car wrecks with a "Blood Dome" constructed next to it with wooden tribunes around. In the middle of their camp they used to hold the green rock, which they practically worshiped.

After Rick's involvement, their camp transformed into a large desert suburb with the green rock used to provide electricity. The Death Stalkers became more civilized, mowing their lawns and even recycling. Hemorrhage and Summer lived in a house next to Eli and his pregnant girlfriend before the girl left with her brother and grandfather along with the green rock.

"What used to be Seattle"

S3e2 thrshr shirt

The ruins of Seattle

The ruins of what used to be Seattle are largely infested with Post-Apocalyptic Mutants roaming the streets. All signs of grass and trees were wiped out during the nuclear explosion, turning the ground to sand and dirt.

The Death Stalkers use the ruined city to hunt for mutants for sport. Graffiti can be seen on most buildings while dark clouds hang over the city.


S3e2 armathy flashback3

A village burning down

A village, with green grass and trees, used to stand somewhere close to the wastelands. The man whose arm turned into Armothy used to live there with his wife and children before armored men on horses set fire to the village, killed his wife and children and whipped the man. It was only seen in a flashback provided by Armothy.


A medieval castle belonging to Lord Henderfinger is located somewhere near the wasteland. It is guarded by armored guards and lit by candlelight.


  • The setting of the dimension is heavily influenced by the Mad Max franchise.
  • It is unknown if this dimension has any version of the Smith/Sanchez family.

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