The Pripudlians are a pink, worm-like alien race that exist in the world of Rick and Morty. They appear in a lot of intergalactic places, but do not seem to make much commotion about themselves, or travel in groups. Like most other aliens, Pripudlians don't wear pants.


Pripudlians move by using a combination of the end of their tail to push themselves forward and slither like snakes/worms. They always appear upright and never lying on the ground, meaning that though they look like worms they do not behave similar to worms. Their arms a typically short and skinny, implyng weak arm-strength and generally non-aggressive behavior.


According to Rick, Pripudlians are some of the greatest gamers in the multiverse. They also had their own version of GamerGate, but it was appearantly "even worse than ours".[1]



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