A Promotian

The Promotians were an alien species from the planet Promos. They first appeared in the commercial Thanksgiving Mondays at 10:30p and then in WANTED Mondays at 10:30p.


The Promotians first appeared in the Thanksgiving Mondays at 10:30p commercial. Rick was explaining to everyone how everything that happened in the promos were fake and then he revealed that Beth and Summer were actually undercover Promotians, the whole time, and that they were out to kill the Smith family. So, Rick killed the two of them, telling them that this would have no effect on reality, because the real Beth and Summer would just be alive again in the next episode.

They appeared again in the episode WANTED Mondays at 10:30p, where a Promotian was seen making an important warning announcement to all of the other Promotians on the planet, warning them about Rick and Morty, going around and killing people. Rick then busted in and beat the guy senseless. Then, he revealed that he had an antire bomb strapped to himself, which he used to kill all the Promotians, along with himself and Morty in the process.


  • These aliens are completely non-canonical to the Rick and Morty series and have absolutely no significance or effect on it, whatsoever.
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