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Rick and Morty Issue 22 is the 22nd issue of the Rick and Morty comic series. It was released on January 25, 2017.[1][2]


Doofus Jerry is the REAL PIECE OF WORK, MAN. And, somehow, Rick's achilles heel. He can't figure out how to beat the dude! Well, if ONE Rick can't solve your Jerry Problems maybe all of them can? Can The Council of Ricks stop Doofus Jerry's before everyone becomes--oh god, no--conquered by a Jerry?


After decades of traversing the multiverse, Rick has finally met his better in Doofus Jerry. When Morty comes into his room in a panic, Rick reveals that he's tried everything, up to and including throwing a cat at Doofus Jerry. At wit's end, Rick has decided to just detonate a Neutrino Bomb and be done with it. As the two argue over the bomb, Doofus Jerry shows up and reveals that he's disarmed it. After taunting the two about Beth's butthole, even if Morty takes a while to get it, Doofus Jerry beats them up again.

Picking themselves up, Morty asks why Doofus Jerry doesn't just throw them out, only for Rick to reveal that they're not even worth that effort. Content that Summer is safe in a small protection dimension, Rick explains to Morty that he and Jerry exist on a spectrum, as the predators and prey respectively. Normally, Ricks always win but this Jerry is anomaly. At this, Morty suggests simply calling in more Ricks. Back in Dimension J19ζ7, Jerry regains consciousness only to be told by Doofus Rick of what happened. Deprived of his portal gun, Doofus Rick can't follow Doofus Jerry but he can whip up a workaround, telling Jerry to come back in what feels like a month but will actually be less.

In the Replacement dimension, Rick has grown desperate enough to call in reinforcements from the Citadel, the soldiers quickly placing Doofus Jerry under arrest. When Beth protests, Rick makes her understand that that's not her husband only for her to reveal that, to the shock of Rick and Morty, she never laid with the intruder, having been at the hospital all night.

In the Citadel, the Ricks discover Doofus Jerry's origin, much to Rick's shock. After Jerry notices the Citadel's advanced technology, he makes for the Genetic Restructurer. Horrified, Rick realizes that the Doofus dimension isn't the weakest, it's the opposite side of the spectrum. It's a world where the Jerrys are the predators and the Ricks are the prey.

Stepping out, Doofus Jerry gives off a purple smoke as the Ricks convulse. Inspired by a plague that once struck his reality, Doofus Jerry has restructured his genes to be a poison to Rick. As Summer brings Rick and Morty inside her pocket dimension, Doofus Jerry takes full control of the Citadel and the Council..

Backup comic

It's a Kind of Morty Magic

With Morty struggling to ask Jessica to a Valentine's Day dance, Rick brings him Morty 9-2184C, a self-assured asshole. After Morty 9-2184C seduces Jessica, he sends Morty back. Back with Rick, Morty 9-2184C tells Rick of the crude language that he used. As Brad arrives to beat up Morty, Rick drags Morty 9-2184C back through the portal.






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