Rick and Morty Issue 26 is the 26th issue of the Rick and Morty comic series. It was released on May 31, 2017.[1]


Rick is the only thing that stands between our world and an alien invasion. Surely he'll do something about it! Or, shit, maybe Jerry will.


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Backup comic

In "A VR Nice Mother's Day" Beth enjoys an idyllic Mother's Day breakfast where she's appreciated by her husband and children, and makes her father very proud, when it suddenly blacks out. In the real world, everyone is in the garage in a panic. Morty is on fire, which Summer is trying to put out, and Rick is boarding up the garage door with Jerry unhelpfully making comments behind him.

Beth asks Jerry what's going on, and Jerry briefly explains that the Underverse is real and it's inhabitants can't be killed with fire. Suddenly, Rick who had been bracing the door while waiting on Jerry to get some more nails to hammer in, is blown back. Rick is knocked unconscious and an underdweller bursts into the room. Shocked, Beth tells Jerry to do something, but Jerry has huddled into a ball behind Morty and a severely unimpressed Summer. 

Beth takes matters into her own hands and takes the dropped hammer and brains the creature to death. She then orders Jerry to put out the fire using the fire extinguisher under the sink, Morty that there's a first-aid kit in the bathroom for Rick, and for Summer to start dinner. Then demands them all to leave and peacefully returns to her picturesque breakfast in virtual reality.






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