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Rick and Morty Issue 28 is the 28th issue of the Rick and Morty comic series. It was released on July 26, 2017.[1]


OH MY GOD IT’S INTERDIMENSIONAL CABLE TIME! Rick and Morty are wanted fugitives in an alien dimension, so until the heat dies down, there’s not much to do but watch interdimensional cable! Can you even believe it? A special one-shot issue drawn by writer Kyle Starks (with a special cameo by Andy Hirsch)! Meanwhile, Jerry learns a painful lesson in film history in this issue’s back-up comic drawn by Marc Ellerby


Main Comic

The main plot revoves around Rick and Morty, taking the same formula from the issue's namesake, the TV episode Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate and its predecesor Rixty Minutes wherein the main charaters watch varied and unrelated TV shows which mirror and/or parody real world shows. The issue's shows vary from a cooking show, to a crime drama to another episode of Gazorpazorpfield. The plot device used to have Rick and Morty watch the TV is that they are laying low in an alien motel after Morty sneezed on some aliens which, like those from Signs which the issue references, are allergic to water. The perceived terrorist attack makes the pair fugitives.

Backup comic

Entitled "The HurRICKcane", the backup story follows Jerry during a torture session with aliens looking for Rick. After explaining he hasn't seen Rick since an argument over Denzil Washington's greatest performance, Rick breaks in and kills every one of Jerry's captors. After an extension of the previously mentioned debate over Washington, Rick decides to torture Jerry a little bit longer due to his apparent lack of critical analysis.





Development art


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