Rick and Morty Issue 8 is the eighth issue of the Rick and Morty comic series. Released by Oni Press on November 25, 2015,[1] it features two Christmas-themed stories: a primary, "Rick and Morty in: A Very Special Blumbus", and an unnamed backup.


In this holiday special issue illustrated by series writer Zac Gorman, Rick and Morty celebrate Blumbus, a strange, alternate reality version of Christmas...with a shocking twist! If Morty can survive the night, he may just learn the true meaning of Blumbus after all!


Rick and Morty are in an unnamed dimension during December, where the residents are celebrating "Blumbus", which would seem to be their version of Christmas. Rick goes off to find a place to drink, leaving Morty looking in a shop window display. He gets scared however and runs off when a "Mr. Chimney" figure, this dimensions creepy version of Santa Clause, winks at him. He bumps into a teenage girl named Melody, who offers to bring him home to spend Blumbus with her family, mistaking him for an orphan.

When he arrives at her house he finds out the girls family believed she was dead for some time, and feels awkward about staying. The entire family insists he does however, and he caves.

Meanwhile, Rick has found an open bar and is sitting with another drunk, watching a Blumbus special on TV. Confused about the traditions depicted, the drunk explains to Rick that on Blumbus Eve one goes out and finds "a lonely teenage boy", brings him home, mates with him, and then kills and eats him. Realizing this could happen to Morty, Rick rushes off to find him.

Back at Melody's home she is putting the moves on Morty, and explains to him that she is a traditional girl. Figuring out her family plans on eating him, Morty makes a break for it. The family corners him, but Rick shows up just in the nick of time with none other then Mr. Chimney himself. They disintegrate the family, but when Mr. Chimney starts getting creepy with the intimate details of Morty's bedroom, Rick realizes he can see through dimensions and that he is basically a God, so he kills him.

The comic then ends with the drunk from the bar re-uniting with his ex-wife.






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