General Information
Title: Rick and Morty
Original Network: Adult Swim
Original Run: December 2, 2013 - Present
Episode Length: 22 minutes
Description: The show centers around the titular characters Rick and Morty. Rick is a mentally gifted, but sociopathic and alcoholic scientist and a grandfather to Morty; an awkward, impressionable, and somewhat spineless teenage boy. Rick moves into the family home of Morty after he has been absent for about 20 years, where he immediately becomes a bad influence but end's up teaching the science and work to his grandchildren.
Main Characters:

Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith

Similar Series: Futurama
Availability: iTunes

Content Information
Rating: TV-14
Content Labels: N/A
Violence: Yes
Language: Yes
Sexual Themes and Nudity: Yes
Drugs and Alcohol: Yes
Crude Humor or Comic Mischief: Yes

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