Transcript pages are titled as the name of the episode, followed by /Transcripts

Transcript pages should probably be formatted like so:

{{Transcriptbox|p=previous episode title|n=next episode title}}

== Transcript ==

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[[Category:Season N transcripts]]

Common Templates

Template:Transcriptbox at the top allows for easy navigation between episodes, as well as linking to the episode in question.

Template:Transcripts is a navigation box between all the transcripts pages; although at the moment it needs to be manually updated as episode transcripts are added.


Note: The actual transcript contents are not currently standardised across all transcript pages.


Poem format, bare line format,


Category:Season N transcripts where N is the season of the episode, organises episode transcripts by season subcategories of Category:Transcripts. If you are creating a new season category, here is a template:

[[season N|Season N]] transcripts
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