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Rickstaverse is an interactive game consisting of a series of connected Instagram accounts. Anyone can explore some universes that has previously been featured in Rick and Morty. Each account has one big picture split into 12 to 24 pieces. Each image is a scannable square quadrant. If you scan it (by one click on it), it show warps to other destinations, like planets, dimensions or buildings (there is also 5 images without any warp). Destinations are too divided, on 12, 15 or 27 quadrants. In each destination can be another warps - levels and some collectible things (like comics or minigames).

Intergalactic destinations[]

From the main menu, there are 20 warps to 18 destinations:

  1. Earth
  2. St Gloopy Noops (Upper)
  3. St Gloopy Noops (Lower)
  4. St Gloopy Noops Ambulance
  5. Replacement Earth Selection
  6. Gazorpazorp
  7. Planet Squanch
  8. Galactic Federation Prison
  9. Furp Rock Plaza
  10. Zigerion Ship Wreckage
  11. Abandoned Ship
  12. Fantasy World
  13. Anatomy Park
  14. The Moon
  15. Earth (C-137)
  16. Pluto
  17. Gear World
  18. Citadel of Ricks


There's 7 common collectibles and one special. There are also Garblovian Bootleggers. They've got some1 Season 2 clips.

Rickstaverse Instructions[]

Rickstaverse tips

Rickstaverse Instructions is another Instagram account. There is 12 images - squares, that are explaining the game. There are also Super Tips For Super Players, where Rick tells Morty "Lock it up" - reference to Gatorade commercial.


  • Jerrygotchi is a parody of Tamagotchi, a series of digital handheld pets.
  • In instructions account, Rick tells Morty to "Lock it up". It is referencing to a Gatorade commercial. That's product of PepsiCo, which makes sport drinks.