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Are you ready to laugh, love, and lorhkg it up on the Federation's hottest interplanetary destination? Then tap the sign above to visit Earth!

Ricks in Federation prison, aliens control our lives, we eat pills for every meal and Jerry is successful.


  1. Customs
  2. Wholesome Delight
  3. The Poopy Pad
  4. Federation Harry Herpson High
  5. Federation St.Equis
  6. St.Pibbles Church
  7. n33dful Store
  8. Federation Smithhouse
  9. Hass & Milan
  10. Blurtfeed


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  • Earth 01-Tap to enter Intergalactic Customs. And don't mind that kid. He's probably gonna get vaporized anyways.
  • Earth 02-These new buildings seemed to, like, pop up overnight.
  • Earth 03-Ugh. Tourists.
  • Earth 04-Ooo I could use a snack! Let's head into Wholesome Delight!
  • Earth 05-I'm not even sure this place has doors, you have to like, melt in or something.
  • Earth 06-Aw, that's Mr. Poopybutthole's place! It's been a while since our last adventure, why not see what he's up to?
  • Earth 07-I'm SO pissed that they built this stupid pizza box thing over the cute park! I'm not going to even acknowledge its exisistance with a tag.
  • Earth 08-School's gotten a lot weirder. Tap the tag if you're interested.
  • Earth 09-I'd say it's the same-old high school, but it's really not.
  • Earth 10-Mom's been pretty busy with patients since the Federation took over. You can go visit her if you want but be warned, she's PROBABLY drunk.
  • Earth 11-Nothing great happening in this square, keep going.
  • Earth 12-Here you've got both n33dful and our local church. Right next to each other. Don't you think if Mr. Needful was the ACTUAL devil he'd pick a different piece of real estate?
  • Earth 13-You'd be surprised at what passes for dogs these days.
  • Earth 14-Things are, uh, kinda WEIRD at home. You're more than welcome to come in but, just know it's a little different than last time.
  • Earth 15-Ugh, its like Dr. Seuss and HR Giger were the Property Brothers.
  • Earth 16-Meh, this one isn't interesting. If you're hungry, go check out Wholesome Delight.
  • Earth 17-Parking is now somehow EVEN MORE of a nightmare. And with all of the tour buses, so is traffic. We're just like LA now, except with suckier tacos.
  • Earth 18-No tags here. I'm you're pissed about it, go visit an ACTUAL brick-and-mortar store. They could use the help.
  • Earth 19-My favorite moment was when my mom broke BOTH tapes from my Dad's VHS copy. Is that here?
  • Earth 20-I guess James Cameron-themed amusement parks aren't a big draw.
  • Earth 21-This thing will also never let go. It's why they had to close.
  • Earth 22-Oh look, it's Dad's old office! Let's go in, I'm feeling nostalgic.
  • Earth 23-See, Blurtfeed even has a deck! That's gotta be, like, the COOLEST office. Let's go down one and check it out.
  • Earth 24-Oh god, my vertigo is kicking in, can we please move on?
  • Earth 25-I spent a LOT of time riding my bike in this parking lot while dad cried in the car. Oh, to be young again...
  • Earth 26-Ohmygod I LOVE Blurtfeed! I bet their offices are super cool. Should we go in?
  • Earth 27-Oh great, another dildo-ey looking alien building is coming.