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Roy: A Life Well Lived is a Virtual Reality Life Simulator, a game seen at the Blips and Chitz arcade and is played by Rick and Morty in the episode "Mortynight Run" and during the events of "Rick: A Mort Well Lived" after an unplanned power interruption left Morty's mind split into the NPC population.



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Players assume the role of Roy, and the goal of the game is to guide Roy through life, from childhood to death, overcoming obstacles along the way. The game's programming will adjust Roy's life path and the events that happen to him according to the decisions the user makes. The premise seems similar to The Matrix, with elements of a Choose Your Own Adventure story mashed with a RPG.

The game engine appears to support a single player character and approximately five billion (human) NPCs simulated at a 1 : 1 (second to month) speed ratio (according to Rick before Summer's attempted Die-Hard) for the duration of the Roy's in-game life. It is also stated that the simulation allows any in-game players to travel past the edge of the universe, but will boot the user from their helmet interface allowing them to wake up in real life as a failsafe.

There is no formal point system in the game as the final score for the player is how many years Roy lived. To the unprepared players though, the transition can be disorientating, as the memories players gain from the game will conflict with the ones from real life and vice versa.

There was a sequel made to the game called Roy 2: Dave, as well as a bootleg version called Troy: A Life Lived.

There was another sequel, called Roy 3: Woman Talking About Video Games on the Internet. It was mentioned to be survival horror.


  • Rick: A Mort Well Lived was named after this game.
  • Rick mentions that the game has heavy time dilation, as one second in the real world is roughly one simulated month in the game, meaning that with an average human lifespan of about 890 months, each game of Roy takes approximately 15 minutes to complete.

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