SEAL Team Ricks in the house!
—Headband Rick when storming the Galactic Federation Prison[src]

Rick C-137 in D-99's body about to kill the last living member of the SEAL Team Ricks group that came after him.

SEAL Team Ricks was a team dispatched by the Council of Ricks to retrieve and kill Rick C-137, who in turn killed them all.


SEAL Team Ricks was sent out on mission to break into the Galactic Federation Prison holding Rick C-137 and assassinate him before any Citadel secrets could fall into Federation hands. They came in through the ceiling and shot every Gromflomite in the interrogation room dead before Rick D-99 walked up to Rick C-137's restrained body and shot it in the head. Shortly after, he was caught off guard by Rick C-137 in Cornvelious Daniel's body who swapped their minds and used D-99's weapon-equipped body to kill off the other SEAL Team Ricks. Rick D-99's body was later, presumably, destroyed onboard a ship after Rick C-137 swapped minds with Commander Rick, proclaimed the Rick on the ship to be a spy and ordered it blown up.


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