SEAL Team Ricks in the house!
—Headband Rick when storming the Galactic Federation Prison[src]

Rick C-137 in D-99's body about to kill the last living member of the SEAL Team Ricks group that came after him.

SEAL Team Ricks was a team dispatched by the Council of Ricks to retrieve and kill Rick C-137, who in turn killed the majority.


SEAL Team Ricks was sent out on mission to break into the Galactic Federation Prison holding Rick C-137 and assassinate him before any Citadel secrets could fall into Federation hands. They came in through the ceiling and shot every Gromflomite in the interrogation room dead, losing one member, before Rick D-99 walked up to Rick C-137's restrained body and shot it in the head. Shortly after, he was caught off guard by Rick C-137 in Cornvelious Daniel's body who swapped their minds and used D-99's weapon-equipped body to kill off the other SEAL Team Ricks. Rick D-99's body was later, presumably, destroyed onboard a ship after Rick C-137 swapped minds with Commander Rick, proclaimed the Rick on the ship to be a spy and ordered it blown up.


  • The name is a play on SEAL Team Six, an offensive military special operations unit responsible for the death of Osama bin Laden.
  • The bald Rick wearing earrings was never seen alive again after initially appearing with the other Ricks, as he was killed off-screen by one of the Gromflomites at some point.
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