Scary Melissa is a character that appeared in the episode "Lawnmower Dog". She is the wife of Scary Terry, and the mother of Scary Brandon.


Scary Melissa is washing dishes as her husband Terry comes home after unsuccessfully murdering Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith. She asks him how his day was, which Terry reacts to by loudly saying that doesn't want to talk about it. They have a short argument ending with Terry calling Melissa a bitch, which makes their son Brandon cry. They reconcile and have sex later that night, after which Rick and Morty intercept Terry's dreams, The next morning, Melissa and her husband and son eat breakfast with Rick and Morty. She remarks on how relaxed Terry is now after they helped him in his dream.


She hates when her husband says his phrase, "BITCH!" in their house, meaning she is a empathetic and respectful woman.


Scary Melissa has long patches of blond hair on her head, purple burned skin, dark lines under her eyes and a miniature sword on each finger. She often wears a white shirt, blue skirt, a white apron, and yellow dishwashing gloves.

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