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Welcome to your nightmare, bitch!
— Scary Terry

Scary Terry is a character that appeared as the secondary antagonist in the episode "Lawnmower Dog" and the comic story Morty and Rick in: Mortballs. After a failed attempt at killing them, Scary Terry retreats and heads home. While he is asleep, Rick and Morty incept his dreams and befriend him, he is also the husband of Melissa, and the father of Scary Brandon.


At first he first appears to be a bloodthirsty nightmare, but he is really just misunderstood. Scary Terry was very self-conscious about how scary he was and feared that he may not be terrifying enough to scare people, so he put a lot of pressure on himself because of that. This made him very tense and touchy, until Rick and Morty entered his dreams and made him feel better.


He wears a blue and green-striped sweater, grey slacks, fedora, and gloves with small swords on the fingers. He has sharp teeth, deformed purple skin, cat-like eyes with yellow sclera and a monobrow. When he was a teenager, he's wears a green t-shirt and underwear, since he forget to wear pants, but Rick and Morty give new pants for him. He has a second set of balls that hang from his chin. He is known for saying "bitch" at the end of almost every sentence. After Scary Terry spots Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith, Rick aptly describes him as a "legally-safe knockoff of an '80s horror character with miniature swords for fingers instead of knives".


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Welcome to your nightmare, BITCH!
— to Rick and Morty

You can run, but you can't hide, BITCH!
— to Rick and Morty


  • He is a parody of the character Freddy Krueger, holding essentially an identical design, with a fedora, colorful striped sweater, clawed hands, and a deformed face with the ability to travel through the dreamscape. The differences are his sweater is blue/green instead of red/green, he was never burned alive, and his gloves are tiny swords instead of sharpened steak knives. Although, in some renderings, the swords still look like knives, as pictured above.
  • The set of balls that hang from his chin could also very well be a reference to the Ballchinian, an alien from the movie Men in Black II.
  • When Scary Terry kills someone in their dreams, they are forced to wake up. This is in direct contrast to Freddy Krueger, whose victims die in the real world as well.
  • His constant usage of "bitch" is in reference to Freddy Krueger's one-liners, many of which included the word "Bitch" (e.g. "Welcome to Primetime, Bitch!" in Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors.)
  • In his comic appearance, he reveals to Morty that his fedora is the source of his power. By wearing it, Morty is able to become Scary Morty.