The Scrotians are a race of tall humanoid aliens. They can sometimes be seen in the background of several episodes.


Scrotians are tall and slender aliens with very large, veiny, oval-shaped heads. Their eyes are situated on each side of their head, presumably giving them the ability to look both forward and backward. Their mouth is wide and occupies a large portion of their head, while leaking saliva. Their teeth are set in groups of three, with one group on each side in the upper corners and one group in the bottom middle. Every Scrotian seen has been wearing single-colored jumpsuits.



Scroatian home planet

In "Get Schwifty", the Scrotians' home planet was transported to the Signus Five Expanse to be a part of what became the last season of the Cromulons' reality TV show Planet Music. They performed right after the Arbolian Mentirososians or right before Earth. Their planet was destroyed by plasma ray, as they didn't win the competition, but some members of their species survived as they are shown in later episodes.

Birdperson and Tammy Guetermann invited a Scrotian dressed in yellow to their wedding. This Scrotian presumably died in the gun fight at the wedding reception between the guests and the Galactic Federation.

Another Scrotian was invited by Rick Sanchez to the Logic concert held on the planet in the Terraneous system after he forced The Vindicators through his long game of deadly activities.


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