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Season 2 is the second season of Rick and Morty. The season consists of ten episodes. It was announced in January 2014, and premiered on July 26, 2015, and ended on October 4, 2015.



  • Rick (voiced by Justin Roiland) — A genius scientist and alcoholic whose inventions and experiments serve as the basis for the episodes.
  • Morty (voiced by Justin Roiland) — Rick's impressionable grandson who is often dragged along on his grandfather's escapades.
  • Jerry (voiced by Chris Parnell) — Morty's insecure father, whose disapproval of Rick's influence on Morty only deepens his marital troubles with Beth.
  • Beth (voiced by Sarah Chalke) — Morty's holier-than-thou mother and Rick's daughter, a cardiac surgeon for horses.
  • Summer (voiced by Spencer Grammer) — Morty's angst-ridden older sister who occasionally joins Rick on his adventures.


  • Jessica (voiced by Kari Wahlgren) — Morty's classmate and romantic interest.
  • Mr. Goldenfold (voiced by Brandon Johnson) — Morty's math teacher.
  • Birdperson (voiced by Dan Harmon) — An interdimensional human-bird hybrid from a planet called Bird World who is Rick's long-time best friend.
  • Tammy Gueterman (voiced by Cassie Steele) — Summer's high school classmate who left Earth to live with her new boyfriend, Birdperson.
  • Squanchy (voiced by Tom Kenny) — A cat-like alien, another long-time friend of Rick's. He appears in photos as a member of Rick's musical band in their youth.  His raunchy demeanor is underscored by his use of the word "Squanch" in place of other terms for questionable antics.
  • Mr. Poopybutthole (voiced by Justin Roiland) — A long-time friend of the Smith family who might actually be an alien parasite attempting to infest the entire planet.

Single Appearances[]

  • Fart (voiced by Jemaine Clement) — A telepathic, gaseous entity imprisoned by the Galactic Federation .
  • Unity (voiced by Christina Hendricks) — Rick's crazy and carefree former lover, an alien hivemind who acts and communicates through subjugation of other individuals.
  • Beta-Seven (voiced by Patton Oswalt) — Another hivemind with a romantic interest in Unity.
  • Zeep Xanflorp (voiced by Stephen Colbert) — A genius alien that lives inside the microverse of Rick's car battery.  He is the microverse's equivalent of Rick.




  • Wes Archer: "A Rickle in Time," "Get Schwifty," and "The Wedding Squanchers"
  • Dominic Polcino: "Mortynight Run," "The Ricks Must Be Crazy" and "Look Who's Purging Now"
  • Bryan Newton: "Auto Erotic Assimilation" and "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez"
  • Juan Meza-León: "Total Rickall" and "Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate"


No. # Title Airdate US Viewers
1 12 "A Rickle in Time" July 26, 2015 2.12[1]
Rick, Morty, and Summer deal with the consequences of freezing time.
2 13 "Mortynight Run" August 2, 2015 2.19[2]
Morty prevents an assassination after Rick sells a weapon.
3 14 "Auto Erotic Assimilation" August 9, 2015 1.94[3]
Rick rekindles an old romance with an alien hive mind.
4 15 "Total Rickall" August 16, 2015 1.96[4]
Parasites that implant false memories infest the house.
5 16 "Get Schwifty" August 23, 2015 2.12[5]
The US president needs Rick and Morty to win a deadly intergalactic song competition.
6 17 "The Ricks Must Be Crazy" August 30, 2015 1.91[6]
Rick and Morty venture into the car battery to repair it.
7 18 "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez" September 13, 2015 1.97[7]
Summer enlists a teenage Rick to fight vampires while Beth and Jerry undergo counseling.
8 19 "Interdimensional Cable 2: Tempting Fate" September 20, 2015 1.79[8]
Jerry is treated at an alien hospital as the rest of the family watches interdimensional cable.
9 20 "Look Who's Purging Now" September 27, 2015 1.89[9]
Rick and Morty participate in an alien society’s “purge” when any crime is permitted.
10 21 "The Wedding Squanchers" October 4, 2015 1.84[10]
Rick reluctantly attends Birdperson’s wedding with the family.


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