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Simple Rick was a Rick that appears in the episode Tales From the Citadel. It is likely he was kidnapped or forced into his servitude by Rick D. Sanchez III prior to the events of Tales From the Citadel.


Simple Rick sports a light blue colored collared shirt and dark blue pants, reminiscent of the Rick from Rick's flashback in The Rickshank Rickdemption, but different from him, as his shirt is a lighter tone of blue.


As seen through one of his memories, Simple Rick enjoyed a vastly different lifestyle from other Ricks as he was a loving father, without any apparent selfishness or interest in hard science and inter-dimensional travel as he is said to enjoy working more with wood than polarity plating alluding to the narrator possibly indicating he never sought portal tech to any degree. At some point he built a toy out of wood in his garage and gave it to little Beth as her birthday present, to which she joyfully exclaimed I love Daddy! causing Simple Rick to cry tears of joy.


Simple Rick appears in the Simple Rick's Wafers ad which discloses how the Simple Rick's Wafers are made. He was originally from earth, but 16 iterations off the Central Finite Curve, meaning Simple Rick is genetically identical to other Ricks but had somewhat different ambitions. It is revealed that he was contained in a room, strapped to a chair, and wore a helmet that forces him to relive the same happy memory of little Beth’s third birthday over and over again. The brain chemicals that are produced by his happiness were liquified by a machine attached to his helmet and was made into the primary ingredient for Simple Rick's wafers. He appears again later after Rick J-22 killed The Regional Manager Rick. As Rick J-22 was later cornered in the flavor core, he was J-22’s only hostage. After Rick J-22's demands of a portal gun was met, he attempted to rescue Simple Rick with it by firing a supposed portal to freedom and pushed him in. Unfortunately, the portal gun was actually hacked as its coordinates were locked on to the Blender Dimension, and Simple Rick was torn into shreds within seconds.

Episode Appearances

Season 3


  • The Rick who is married to Diane and looking after Beth in The Rickshank Rickdemption has the same hairstyle and outfit as Simple Rick, while the Rick who kills the former's family shares his hairstyle but wears a different outfit. Given what is known about the show's main Rick, it is possible that the backstory did have some basis in reality, with the fabricated part being the identities of the two Ricks. If this is true, then this would indicate that the show's main Rick was the Citadel employee, while Simple Rick was the family man, and that the former kidnapped the latter for Rick D. Sanchez III to exploit as an ingredient in Simple Rick's Wafer Cookies.
  • It is unknown whether his death was accidental or deliberate (Rick J-22 calling the portal to the blender dimension the oldest trick in the book meant he probably expected such a move), or if it was meant as a mercy killing in the latter case.
  • Simple Rick being located 16 iterations off the Curve offers the safe assumption that in his dimension, he is not the smartest man in the universe.

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