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Come home to the impossible flavor of your own completion. Come home to Simple Rick's.

The Simple Rick’s Wafer Cookie Factory is a food factory owned by Rick D. Sanchez III. It manufactures Simple Rick's Wafer Cookies.


The factory's only appearance was in the Season 3 episode "The Ricklantis Mixup", where it is shown as an example of injustice to factory workers in Evil Morty's speech, which then won him the election for a new president of the Citadel.

Rick J-22 is shown as the example lower-class worker looking miserable when his supervisor announces to all of the factory workers that he has been promoted to Regional Manager, and states the position of supervisor is now available. This piques Rick J-22's interest and he looks hopeful that he may be promoted, however, it is revealed that K-83, affectionately known as Cool Rick, will become supervisor instead.

The plot develops when Evil Morty starts talking about factory workers during his presidential speech. He mentions "where Ricks work for a fraction of their bosses' salary, even though they're identical and have the same IQ". This angers J-22, so he rips off his personal machine, travels upstairs, and murders his previous supervisor. J-22 then realizes all his other coworkers could see him killing that Rick, exclaiming "Holy shit" before he runs to the Flavor Core as the factory's alarms ring. He protects the core with a red shield as troops swarm around the area. He demands an unregistered, untraceable portal gun or he will remove the headset from the indefinitely captured Rick.

His demands are met, however, he removes the headset from the Rick and shoves him through the portal instead, which led to the Blender Dimension. J-22 exclaims "That's the oldest trick in the book!" The troops then burn a hole into the Flavor Core and Rick D. Sanchez III walks in and convinces J-22 that he is right and that he should be set free. He walks J-22 outside after coworkers congratulate him before he is shot in the back of the neck by Rick D. Sanchez III. He is used as the new Simple Rick and his "captured taste of completion is used in every Simple Rick's Wafer Cookie."

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