The Smith Family
The Smith Family is the main family of the series. The five main family members are Summer, Jerry, Beth, Morty and Rick.

Jerry Smith (the patriarch) is married to Beth Sanchez (the matriarch), which after the wedding she took her husband's last name, the couple had two children, named Summer and Morty.

Rick Sanchez; Beth's father, Jerry's father-in-law, and Summer and Morty's maternal grandfather, currently lives with his daughter's family in The Smith House.

Family Members

Smith Side

Sanchez Side


  • Snuffles - the former pet dog of the family.
  • Gwendolyn - A robotic love doll with working organs Morty had sex with.
  • Morty Jr. - The son of Morty and Gwendolyn.
  • Abradolf Lincler - A humanoid, created with Rick's DNA.
  • Hemorrhage - Summer's ex-husband from another dimension, who she walked out on.
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