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Beth Smith, commonly dubbed "Space Beth" by Rick Sanchez to distinguish her from other incarnations, is a major character in Rick and Morty. She is either the original Beth Smith from Dimension C-131, or a clone of her.


At the end of "The ABC's of Beth", Rick made a clone of Beth labeled "Clone Beth" with all her memories and, unable to decide whether or not he wanted his daughter in his life as Beth had asked him to decide, purposefully had their positions shuffled so that he himself would not know which Beth was the clone, before sending one to space and keeping the other at home, and wiping his own memory of the incident (later, this leads him to finally admit to himself that he is a terrible father).

By the time of "Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri", Space Beth has gone on several space adventures to reach the most wanted status. She also discovers a chip implanted in her neck that will kill her should she return to Earth and get in proximity of the other Beth. She returns to Earth to murder Rick for lying to her, as well as the other Beth, but Rick makes her see the other Beth has a chip too. She relents and Rick invites her to lunch after they are shown equal in gadgets. She talks with him, surprised the other Beth is still with Jerry before they come under attack, during which, Rick inadvertently implies Space Beth may be the actual clone. Space Beth tracks down her father and counterpart who wanted to talk with her, causing a crash. Space Beth catches up and nearly succeeds in killing her before they are kidnapped by Tammy. While incarcerated, they talk about their contrasting lives and they reach common ground. Working together, the two versions of Beth defeat the aliens and both come to help Rick with Phoenixperson, and they both are impressed with Jerry coming in handy. Space Beth also meets Summer and Morty who are amazed to have two versions of their mother. At the end, it is revealed Rick doesn't know which Beth is which, as he erased his own memory. However, the two versions of Beth and wider Smith family are content with the mystery, as they now respect one another and are unwilling to give Rick any sense of satisfaction.

In "Mortyplicity", Space Beth returned to space and bumped into her family along the way, before returning home with them. Rick commented that may happen more often, something Space Beth politely declined on. After Rick discovered his decoy families went rogue, Space Beth and the other Beth question this.

In "Solaricks", Space Beth rescues Rick and Morty and brings them back to Earth, and is pressed to stick around with the family by Summer. She, Summer and Beth are sent to the Citadel to loot and fight scavengers but playing a role in bringing the family back together, but Summer's favoritism towards Space Beth drives jealousy between her and Beth. They argue until they are consumed by a monster, then apologize, with Space Beth expressing her lack of interest in anyone's approval. Summer admits later her favoritism is fleeting and not to worry about it so much. After more apologies, Space Beth suggests boundaries are good while admitting she would like to relax her own.

In "Bethic Twinstinct", she stays with the family for Thanksgiving and bonds with Beth over Venusian wine and helping each other with back massages. She encourages Beth to be the kind of person she wants to be and not hold back, pointing out they can tell each other anything, leading to them having sex and starting an affair that was witnessed by Morty and later Summer. While Space Beth wants to take their relationship seriously, Beth still has feelings for Jerry and wants to stay with her family. After Jerry finds out about the affair, Space Beth urges Beth to leave him and continues to insult Jerry, but they ultimately work things out when they discover Jerry is turned on by watching by Space Beth make out with Beth and her with his orders, with all three of them ending up in a threesome.


Space Beth has a scar over her right eye and a piercing in her right eyebrow. Half her head is shaved, with a blue streak in the hair on the unshaven half. Her outfit is comprised of black boots, skin-tight clothing, mismatched bits of cybernetic, enhanced armor (such as a gray breastplate and bronze-colored wrist gauntlet), fingerless gloves, and a waistcoat with a stylized black horse head emblem on its back. Additionally, she wears a gray, gauntlet-like device on her right forearm that appears to have several functions. When wounded, one may see that her body (at least the shoulder part) has a significant number of mechanical components. She also appears to have several implanted devices (including voice modulator), the most prominent of which is her phase shift field, activated by applying pressure to her forehead.


Complete with all of Beth's memories, this Beth is similar to her counterpart.

Space Beth seems to be ambitious, as she goes on adventures in outer space, much like Rick himself. She appears to have had good intentions and chose to be a hero, fighting off the tyrannical Galactic Federation, but at the cost of becoming a wanted outlaw - a criminal in the eyes of the law. She despises how - despite being infamous her name - "Beth Smith" is seen as an incredibly forgettable name.

Space Beth appears to be vengeful of her father. Although she holds immense resentment to both Rick and the other Beth, her hatred seems to have toned down by the end of "Star Mort Rickturn of the Jerri", as she has returned to live with her earthly counterpart and her family, including Jerry who remarried the other Beth. Neither Beth knows or cares which of them is the clone or original, as they respect the other for being who they are and because of the mutual resentment of Rick. Another thing to note is that she still acknowledges Rick as her father, and didn't try to kill him upon returning to the family - and instead teases him, throwing punches and using blank threats. This shows that although she does feel dislike for her father, she still has a streak of decency and compassion in her not to kill him.

She also takes clear inspiration from Rick - even though she detests the fact that he kept her in the dark about potentially being a clone - as she mentions that she cosplays as Rick in his 30's. She also takes a lot of interests after him, like visiting Shoney's and going on space adventures.

She has also taken after Rick's selfish and callous behavior as she continuously insists to Beth that she disregard her own family's feelings and continue the affair behind Jerry's back. She also displays indifference towards the possibility of Jerry committing suicide, as well as continuously talk down to the whole family when the find out , denying any responsibility for her actions, showing in her own way, she's not much better than Rick.



Jerry Smith[]

In sharing her history with Beth, she was previously married to Jerry before making the decision to leave him. When she returned to Earth, Space Beth was initially disappointed to find out that her other self had remarried Jerry, but Rick pointed out that since they are the same person, she would have done the same thing. Later on, she admits that Jerry "has his moments".

She continues to belittle him throughout "Bethic Twinstinct" and encourages Beth to leave him permanently, exhibiting ill regard for his feelings on their relationship and indifferent to the possibility Jerry might commit suicide as a result of his wife leaving him. When he expresses his frustration, Space Beth accuses him of being upset that it isn't about him, and calls him a "little pervert" when she realizes he enjoys watching them make out. However, she finds that she is aroused by him permitting it before having him join in. The episode ends with her leaving Earth and being happy about her experience with Home Beth and Jerry.

Beth Smith[]

She originally intended to kill Beth to prove her superiority, resenting the revelation that Rick had lied about the creation of the clone Beth. However, she spared her when discovering she had a chip too. After they finally have a conversation, however, Space Beth instead, came to admire her and discover the traits from their respective lives lead to them making a good team. They decided not to discover who is the original and seem to regard each other as family.

In "Solaricks", they are reunited when Space Beth rescues Rick and Morty and brings them down to Earth. Summer looks up to Space Beth, inviting her to stick around, but while they and Beth loot the Citadel and fight scavengers, Summer's clear favoritism to Space Beth causes her own Beth to feel insecure about her relationship with her daughter as well as with Space Beth, declaring that Space Beth ran from her problems and was talking down to her. They apologize to each other after being consumed by a monster, with Space Beth admitting she is glad the family has Beth and doesn't desire the family's approval. After they argue over this, Summer admits later her favoritism is fleeting and not to worry about it so much. Beth apologizes again at the end that Summer is Space Beth's daughter as well, but Space Beth suggests boundaries are good while admitting she would like to relax her own, complimenting Beth's outfit as "cute".

In "Bethic Twinstinct", she stays with the family for Thanksgiving and bonds with Beth over Venusian wine and helping each other with back massages. She encourages Beth to be the kind of person she wants to be and not hold back, pointing out they can tell each other anything, including admitting that she finds Beth's ass attractive in a space suit, and after Beth admits to her own attraction to her, they have sex aboard Space Beth's space station and begin an affair. Beth feels unsure about the relationship but Space Beth encourages her, and they both simulate a long happy life together on Rick's Holodeck. After Jerry finds out about the affair, Space Beth urges Beth to leave him and continues to insult Jerry, but they ultimately work things out when they discovery Jerry is turned on by watching by Space Beth make out with Beth, with all three of them ending up in a threesome, while Morty, Summer and Rick listen to it all in horror from the Dining Table.


Rick Sanchez[]

Rick and Space Beth have a rocky relationship. She initially came to detest him for lying about cloning her, returning to Earth intending to kill him. They did have a civil conversation at a diner instead, where Rick tells her that she isn't the clone and she is pleased to see him acknowledge her endeavors as a space adventurer. She still harbors some resentment towards him but now acknowledges him as her father and appears to have given up on killing him to settle for belittling him and pretending to punch at him.

By the time of "Mortyplicity", they have reached neutral terms and she even joined the family on a space trip, with Rick openly suggesting she could hang out with the family more often, to which she politely declines.

In "Solaricks", she rescues him and Morty from near death at the Citadel and brings them back home, although she is obviously frustrated when Rick makes fun of her line and insists, she doesn't care about his opinion.

Morty Smith[]

Much like her original counterpart from Earth, she has completed memories, and acknowledges Morty as a son. She also permitted him to drive her spaceship, as this saved her from giving him souvenirs. Morty calls this Beth amazing, not caring if she is his original mother.

In "Solaricks", she rescues him and Rick from near death at the Citadel and brings them back home.

Summer Smith[]

Much like her original counterpart from Earth, she has completed memories. She acknowledges Summer as a daughter.

In "Solaricks", she expresses some surprise that Summer is involved with Rick's business when she helps prepare the machine to bring Rick, Morty and Jerry back to Dimension C-131. Summer seems to look up to Space Beth, inviting her to stick around and suggesting she could break and loot things and pleading. Space Beth gives in. They loot the Citadel and fight scavengers together, with Summer referring to her as 'Space Mom' and 'Cool Mom', mocking 'Domestic Mom' to her and causing Beth to feel jealous of Space Beth. After they argue over this, Summer admits later her favoritism is fleeting and not to worry about it so much.

Naruto Smith[]

When leaving the family behind in "Bethic Twinstinct", she promises to look out for her grandson.


Mr. Poopybutthole[]

She shares the other Beth's regret of shooting Mr. Poopybutthole in the chest at the end of "Total Rickall". As she was in space, she did not keep in touch with Mr. Poopybutthole during his recovery in Season 4.

Episode appearances[]

Note: Space Beth shares her memories with the Beth of the replacement dimension up until "The ABC's of Beth".


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  • This Beth was identified as "Clone Beth" in the Pocket Mortys update that accompanied the Season 4 finale, despite the episode itself not confirming that she was the clone. This name choice could have simply been to differentiate the two.
    • The name was changed to "Clone Beth?" with a question mark. The name was probably changed due to people taking Pocket Mortys into account while discussing if she's rather a clone or not.
  • This Beth appears to have a better grasp at using gadgets, due to her time in space. Her skill with gadgets was on par with Rick himself, and even seemed to exceed him at times as she was close to killing him when she first encountered him again.
  • Despite having a scar over her right eye, her right eyelids show no sign of scarring.
  • The blue streak in her hair might be a reference to Evil Britta from Dan Harmon's other series, Community.
  • Space Beth is bisexual.
  • She has an emblem shaped like a horse's head at the back of her jacket, possibly referring to the fact that she was a horse surgeon.
  • Even in episodes where she does not appear, such as "Analyze Piss", the Smith Family dinner table has a spot set for her. This is likely a consideration made by the family for her now-regular visits.



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