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Strawberry Smiggles is a type of breakfast cereal from one of the many realities depicted in Rixty Minutes. The cereal's mascot is Tophat Jones.

In the episode Big Trouble In Little Sanchez, The Smith family is depicted eating a box of Strawberry Smiggles, presumably taken from another dimension.

They are seen eating them again at the dinner table in the Season 2 finale episode, The Wedding Squanchers.


  • Tophat Jones is a parody of the mascots of Lucky Charms and Trix.
  • Strawberry Smiggles is a parody of the two kinds of cereal aforementioned.
  • In the Rickstaverse, mini game Jerrygotchi: Grocery Edition, Jerry eats rum raisin and gets into a fight with a cardboard cutout of Top Hat Jones.
  • At San Diego Comic Con, FYE Stores announced they will be launching Strawberry Smiggles in their stores and online, and begin taking preorders the same day.  
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