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Taddy Mason is a character who appeared in the episode Look Who's Purging Now. He is a guy who works a phone hotline where avoidant, full-grown adults can call him and just talk to him about anything. Ever since Jerry lost his job, he's been calling him day after day and even obsessing over him. He is voiced by Justin Roiland.


The original Taddy presumably became a Cronenberg in Dimension C-137.

Taddy Mason appeared in the episode Look Who's Purging Now. While Jerry was home alone with Summer, Summer received a phone call from Rick and Morty on a space phone. Jerry kept on asking them if that was Taddy Mason calling, interrupting their important conversation. No one else knew who Taddy Mason was so they kept rudely shutting him up.

In the post-ending credits of the episode, Beth came into the living room, asking Jerry why their phone bill is so high and why there are so many calls to Taddy Mason. She asked who he was, but Jerry was nervous and hesitant to answer her. Just then, a commercial with Taddy Mason showed up on TV and Jerry tried to turn it off. Taddy Mason introduced himself as a guy who works a social hotline, where any full grown adults who are avoidant and lonely can call him and just talk about things together. Beth was extremely disappointed in him for this and told Jerry to get a job.


Taddy Mason is a Caucasian male. He has light, curly red hair. He has a white and orange football shirt with the number 22 on it.


Taddy Mason is a nice and happy guy who may also be very withdrawn and lonely, given that he made up this hotline, or he could just be doing this as his job for the common decency of others. He is very happy and joyous and will just kind of go along with anything that happens to him no matter what.


  • The name Taddy Mason is somewhat similar to Ashley Madison, a real world dating site for married people. However, rather than confirming any suspicions Beth may have had about Jerry cheating on her, it turns out that Taddy Mason LLC is simply a $1.99/minute call service for lonely losers.
  • The soundtrack of the commercial is "Lipstique" by Trevor Bastow.
  • In Virtual Rick-ality, it is revealed that he went out of business after Beth made Jerry cancel his subscription to him.