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The Talking Cat was a character featured in the fourth season episode "Claw and Hoarder: Special Ricktim's Morty".


In the beginning of the episode, the Talking Cat was discovered by Jerry in his bedroom. After asking the cat where it came from, it brushes the question aside and merely requests that Jerry take it to Florida. When Jerry inquires as to why, the cat merely states that it wants to have fun there. After it plays volleyball with some party-goers on a Florida beach, the cat poops in the sand and barely covers it up. When one of the party-goers steps in it, the cat quickly shifts the blame onto Jerry.

As the party continues onto a boat out in the ocean, the cat becomes puzzled as to why no one has commented on how it is able to speak and continually asks the party-goers if they are at all curious. This causes the cat to be thrown off the boat and it swims back to shore. After meeting back up with Jerry, the cat is picked up by Rick who drives them home. As they stop for a break, the cat is caught in a energy box by Rick who proceeds to start a mind scan on the cat to discover its origins. The cat begins to slightly panic and insists that it is simply from outer space and nothing more. This does not satisfy Rick or Jerry and they look through the vision goggles. The sounds of mass screams of terror can be heard, as Rick and Jerry viewed the cat's memories. Both are horrified by what they see with Jerry frantically crawling away to vomit several times and Rick nearly killing himself. The cat is set free and, when ordered to leave, protests that it has nowhere to go. Its pleas fall on deaf ears as both Rick and Jerry scream at it to go away. Dejected, the cat starts to cry and walks off into the desert. Rick erases Jerry's memories of the event.

Later, the cat encounters the dragon named Balthromaw from earlier in the episode after he becomes tired of a man's company and roasts his car with fire. The dragon asks why it can speak, but the cat lowers its head and says the reason it can is shameful. After the dragon does not push the topic further, the cat asks how fast it can take them both to Florida.


The Talking Cat resembles an ordinary gray tabby cat with a white belly, markings, and paws. He has yellow-green sclera and two light-colored whiskers on either side of his face.


  • It is unknown why the cat came to the Smith House.
  • He claims to be from space, though it is unknown if this is true.
  • He has a mysterious past, which caused Jerry to throw up and break down crying and Rick to briefly consider shooting himself. This shows that the cat's backstory as to why they can talk invokes some sort of gruesome event, although the specifics are deliberately left unclear.