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The Citadel, originally known as The Citadel of Ricks, was a trans-dimensional citadel city-state located in a pocket dimension along the Central Finite Curve, inhabited entirely by Ricks and Mortys from across infinite realities. The Citadel was formed as a secret entity serving to protect Ricks and Mortys from a multitude of accumulated enemies within the Galaxy, including Rick C-137 and the Galactic Federation. Prior to the election of President Morty The Citadel was controlled by the Council of Ricks and, after the partial destruction of The Citadel during a conflict with the Federation, the secretive Shadow Council.

The Citadel was populated by Ricks and Mortys from across the Central Finite Curve and utilised as a leisure place, meeting point and place of protection for many Ricks and Mortys. However, the Citadel also served as a permanent residence for an untold number of Ricks and Mortys that decided to settle at there. Though its true population remained unknown and has never been mentioned, Rick once stated "Whoever is still exploring the citadel, is either stupid, or one of the unfortunate millions held hostage by their terrible ideas," suggesting that the population count was well into the millions.

Mortys were revealed to be mass produced as clones on the Citadel to be dispatched to Ricks as sidekicks. These Mortys were imbued with desirable subservient traits described as being 'bred for forgiveness'.

Following the events of "The Rickshank Rickdemption", The Citadel came under the authoritarian rule of President Morty (Evil Morty) who, after being elected President of The Citadel, committed a series of unprecedented purges against the de facto ruling Shadow Council and other personal political enemies. From this point up until its destruction, President Morty had remained the de jure absolute dictatorial leader of The Citadel.

The Citadel was ultimately destroyed after Evil Morty set off a chain reaction of events that kills all the Ricks and most of the Mortys in the Citadel and ultimately exploded after Evil Morty broke through the Central Finite Curve. The city of Mortyburg managed to detach from the rest of the station and was ultimately spared destruction however.


Through various universes, Rick has been involved through resistance groups against the Galactic Federation, as well as other groups who consider his genius a threat, such as galactic terrorists, sub-galactic dictators and most of the entire Intergalactic government. To protect themselves and hide from opposing groups, a "few thousand" alternate versions of Rick decided to join together and create their own society. In its early stages, this society came into conflict with Rick C-137 who began killing many of its members as he hunted for Weird Rick, the Rick he believed to have killed his family. After C-137 had killed a great many of his counterparts, he and the alliance brokered a peace treaty, one that saw C-137 help design and construct the Citadel. It is presumed the Citadel was in a dimension specifically created by Ricks, similarly to how Evil Rick created his dimension. The Citadel is known to have existed for at least 15 years, which predates main Morty's birth. As revealed in Season 5 different dimensions have Ricks and Mortys at varying ages so Mortys may have existed when it was founded.

The Citadel also had armed forces headed by a commander-in-chief comprised mostly of Ricks, though some Mortys could also be seen in their ranks. SEAL Team Ricks appear to be an elite component of these forces.

Since many Ricks are against the idea of forming a government due to his own political views, a group of "anti-Rick" activists are known to exist. Such Ricks include Rick C-137 and the Scientist Formerly Known as Rick.


Rick and Morty

Close Rick-counters of the Rick Kind

Rick C-137 is taken to the Citadel under suspicions of murdering 27 Ricks, he meets with the Council of Ricks then escapes. The Citadel is shown again when the Rickless Mortys are taken in: Evil Morty blending in with the crowd. Presumably, they were all placed with the schooling programme.

The Rickshank Rickdemption

The Citadel is badly damaged in the collision with the Galactic Federation Prison

The headquarters was nearly destroyed due to Rick C-137 teleporting the entire base into a Galactic Federation prison, killing an unknown amount of Ricks and Mortys, including that of the Council of Ricks - also Galactic Federal prisoners, officials and guards. The Citadel engages in a brief conflict with the surviving members of the Galactic Federation and Prisoners.

The Ricklantis Mixup

Rick construction workers repairing the Citadel in the aftermath of the Rickshank Redemption

The Citadel is revealed to have survived the teleportation and apparently has been relocated. An effort was made by numerous Ricks and Mortys to collect donations to redevelop the Citadel, including asking Rick C-137, in spite of his role in its destruction. The station has been repaired and with the death of the Council of Ricks, has transitioned into a democratic government. An election was held, and was won by a Morty who, unbeknownst to the population, was Evil Morty.

Rickmurai Jack

Under the direction of President Morty, the Citadel has become relatively peaceful. More Mortys take jobs like police officers and "Rickless" Mortys are given Portal Guns. However, this is all to disguise President Morty's true goals and intentions: beneath the streets of the Citadel is a factory manned by deformed Mortys to create a device capable of breaking through the Central Finite Curve.

After finally recovering a way to break through the Central Finite Curve from Rick C-137's memories, President Morty set in motion the destruction of the Citadel. All Portal Guns were hacked, their fluids tainted, and only opened portals to the Blender Dimension or other hazardous worlds. Ricks and Mortys who were hooked up to Operation Phoenix also had their clones rerouted into a blender to use as fuel for President Morty's device. After President Morty breaks through the curve, the Citadel is destroyed. Rick C-137 and Morty escaped by detaching Mortyburg, one of the three smaller domed districts, from the main body of the Citadel and flying away from it. They, along with a handful of deformed Mortys, as well as any Ricks and Mortys living in Mortyburg, are the only known survivors of the Citadel's destruction.


After Rick and Morty find themselves outmatched by Doofus Jerry, Rick called the Citadel for reinforcements, the militia quickly arresting the interloper with the Council of Ricks trying Jerry. Taking advantage of the Ricks underestimating him, Doofus Jerry used the Genetic Restructurer to take over the Citadel. He intended to use the Citadel and its advanced technology as a beachhead for multiversal conquest before he was killed.

As revealed in the Pocket Like You Stole It comic, the Citadel also enjoyed the Pocket Morty bloodsport where various Mortys fought to the death.



The Citadel is located within an orange/brown nebulae, and is a massive space station with a central glass dome, with three separate, smaller domed districts protruding from it. Several metallic plates extend from the bottom, presumably housing machinery used to keep the Citadel stable and in orbit.

The interior of the Citadel has a mixture of metal structures and natural fauna, with numerous fountains, trees, and distinct curved buildings. Somewhere within the Citadel, a large statue depicting an unspecified Rick sits in a central column. The Citadel contains a mega-city within its structure, with several divisions and districts such as the Mortytown ghetto where the Creepy Morty is located. The city has its own fully-functional economy and infrastructure, consisting of Ricks and Mortys.

Citadel's Teleportation Room

In the middle of the Citadel, there is teleportation room, which is capable of teleporting the whole Citadel to a chosen location. It is fueled by the same green energy within the Portal Gun of every Rick.

The Citadel disposes of its garbage via a large portal that funnels the waste to other dimensions. Many Mortys believe the false myth that this portal is actually a wishing well.

The Citadel Landed

The Citadel can actually land on the ground, with the bottom part appearing to burrow into the ground.


The Ricks are generally considered the upper class, as they are adults and have a higher IQ, while the Mortys form the lower class. Many Ricks harbor prejudice against the Mortys. However, some Mortys have worked their way into positions of power, such as Evil Morty being elected president. Mortys also form part of the police force and militia and there are many Morty business owners. 

Every Morty is ideally assigned a Rick, but many Mortys appear to be either Rickless or living apart from their Ricks. Mortys who have not yet gained employment instead attend school but the curriculum is little more than brainwashing and psychological conditioning and is based entirely on them learning how to be subservient to their future Ricks.

Despite the Ricks being in the upper echelon of this society, there are Ricks that work menial jobs and those who sit at the top. It was this useless and menial work that made Rick J-22 fed up with the Citadel of Ricks and demand a portal gun to be free of his "prison". Ironically, as Rick stated, this kind of social system was the very thing that Ricks despised, and by becoming a part of this, a great many of the Ricks lost whatever made them unique, which Rick J-22 noted as well.

Notable Sub-locations



A large government building on the Citadel before being destroyed in The Rickshank Rickdemption. It housed the Council of Ricks and possibly the headquarters of the Citadel's militia.


A large farm of Mega Trees located on the edge of the Citadel. Farmer Rick appears to be the one who cultivates and harvests them for sale in the Citadel.


Despite the Ricks' anarchic tendencies, the Citadel was (rather hypocritically) governed by a Council of Ricks consisting of six primary members:

Following the destruction of the Citadel and subsequent death of the Council members, the government shifted to a democratic system, complete with presidential elections.

However, the true power resided in a larger, more secret Council of Ricks. After exploiting the election process and murdering most of the Shadow Council among other rivals, Evil Morty established himself as a soft dictator. The Shadow Council consisted of:

Known Inhabitants/Visitors

Below are known versions of Rick and Morty that either inhabited or visited the Citadel. There have been suggested to be millions.


There were many individual businesses located in the Citadel. Known businesses include:


Season 1

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Other Media


  • The Citadel is the primary location for Pocket Mortys. It's here that the player can go on quests, battle the Council, heal Mortys and store/exchange caught Mortys.
  • In Pocket Mortys, the Citadel appears to be open to alien species instead of exclusively Ricks, as seen in Close Rick-Counters of the Rick Kind.
  • The Citadel disposes of dead Ricks and Mortys through airlocks, as revealed in The Ricklantis Mixup.

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