The Creepy Morty is a Morty-"strip club," located in Mortytown. In it, a series of Morty's dressed in outfits (such as a construction worker or cowboy), perform dances that other Mortys assume to be "sexual" in nature, despite how tame and innocent the dances actually are.


Cop Rick and Cop Morty visited The Creepy Morty after having taken down the Mortytown Locos to meet with Big Morty. Cop Rick was surprised by the establishment, while Cop Morty seemed indifferent. When Cop Rick showed reluctance to accept money from Big Morty and attempted to arrest him, a shootout ensued between Cop Rick and Cop Morty against Big Morty's bodyguards. After shooting and killing Big Morty's bodyguards, Cop Morty held Big Morty at gunpoint with intent to shoot him. After a brief conversation with Cop Rick, Cop Morty broke into tears and proclaimed how he wanted to leave the Citadel and be a regular boy. He then shot Big Morty before being shot himself by Cop Rick who soon after exited The Creepy Morty and surrendered himself to the Rick police.

S3e7 backup arrives

Exterior of The Creepy Morty


The Creepy Morty offers pole dances on their one and only pole stage in the middle of the club, with Cowboy Morty being one of the dancers. A bar is located next to the stage where Bartender Morty presumably serves the same watered down alcohol as elsewhere in Mortytown, with Waiter Morty serving tables. Somewhere else in the club is a game corner with slot and pinball machines.

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